Fruit Basket

Put out enough chairs, minus one, for everyone
the person without a chair, stands in the middle and names everyone a fruit, Apple, Orange, or banana. (Just go around the circle and as you point at each person and tell them what they are. After everyone is labeled, they need to remember their fruit. The Person in the middle should also be a apple, orange or banana.

The person in the middle yells one of the 3 fruits and everyone who is that fruit has to get up and find a new seat, in the meantime the person in the middle tries to steal one of their seats. The person left without a seat now becomes the caller and calls out a fruit.

For Example: the caller calls out "Banana!" All the banana's have to get up and move to another banana'a chair. The caller also tries to get a chair. the person who doesn't get one, is the new caller.

The caller can call out 2 fruits if they want.

If someone calls out "Fruit basket!" then everyone has to move.

the game continues until everyone has had a chance to be the caller but one person. the one person who never had to be the caller, wins.