Keep Talking

You will need:
Pencil and paper for everyone
A one minute timer, stop watch or clock with a second hand

Pass a piece of paper and pencil to everyone.

Have everyone right down a topic and don't tell any other players what it is. It could be any topic! (Dog tails, or the night sky, or the rate that finger nails grow.

Put all the topics in a bowl or hat

Choose a person to go first. Have that person pick a topic out of the bowl (if they pick their own they put it back and pick another)

The person has one minute to think about that topic and then the fun begins.

Start the timer. The person must talk on that subject for 2 minutes.

If that person does one of three things; Pauses, changes the subject, or says "um" or "uh" then someone else takes their place

The person that takes their place is the first one to yell "Paused!" "said uh!" or "changed the subject!" If that person does one of those things, then someone else can yell out, even someone who as already been up

If the person that started the speech ends it, when the two minutes are up, (even if they sat down and got back up), they receive two points

If someone else is standing when the time runs out, they receive 1 point

The person with the most points when all the topics are gone, wins