Michikai (mee-chee-kye)

1.Everyone sit in a circle and choose a person to start as "The Leader:
Everyone takes a turn being the leader (unless they are eliminated first), in
clockwise order and it continues until all but one
person are eliminated.

2. The leader says "Michikai" and
every player, including the leader,  assumes one of four positions using
his/her hands and arms.  This must happen within about
a second or so, Those who fail to comply are
eliminated until the next round.

3. Positions:
1)Both hands on own forehead
2)Both hands on back of neck
3)Right elbow in palm of left hand (or the reverse)
4)Right fist in palm of left hand (or the reverse)

4. Those who assumed the same position as the leader (or took too long to get into position)
are now out and must wait for the next round.

5. Assuming someone chose the same position as the
leader (and is out of the round), the leader gets to call out "Michikai" again
as fast as he/she recognizes that someone got

6. If nobody was eliminated, meaning that nobody chose
the same position as the leader, then the next person
(in clockwise order) is now the leader and can
immediately call out "Michikai" taking others off

7. Eventually, there will be three or perhaps only two
people left yelling out "Michikai" back and forth in
adrenaline rushed fashion!

8. Laughter ensues.