Speed Chocolate

A big Chocolate bar, the biggest you can find
A fork
A plate or cutting board
A dice

Place the candy bar on the plate. Do NOT unwrap it!
Have everyone sit in a circle.
Give the dice to someone and the candy bar on a plate to the person on their left.

The person with the dice starts rolling as fast as they can, trying to get a 6. The person with the chocolate uses the fork (and no hands) to try and open the chocolate and try and take a piece. Once they get a piece in their mouth, they can eat it, or put it to the side, but it must reach their mouth first. If the player next to them rolls a 6, then the roller, passes the dice to the person on the right and takes the plate and the fork and tries getting some chocolate. whoever has the dice is always trying to roll a 6 and the person with the chocolate is always trying to get some. Play continues around the circle, until all the chocolate is gone.

It takes a while to get the wrapper off enough to get to the chocolate, so the game does take longer than expected.