Cards - Any kind that have 4 of the same number
Spoons - enough for everyone at the party, minus one
Paper and Pencil - For keeping score

Take four of a kind out for as many people as you have (if you have 4 people playing, take out a set of ones, twos, threes and fours), there should be 4X the number of people you have.
Shuffle the cards. Pass them out until they are gone. Everyone should have 4 cards.
Put out the spoons. Enough for everyone, minus one.

The dealer for this round is in charge. The object is to get 4 of the same number. Everyone will take a card that they don't want and when the dealer says "Pass" everyone passes their unwanted card to the person on their left. they should all have 4 cards again. Then they pick another card they don't want.
Play continues, everyone passing their unwanted cards when the dealer indicates, until somebody get four of a kind. When someone does, they grab a spoon. Once someone grabs a spoon then everyone else can as well. The person that doesn't get a spoon gets and "S" on the score sheet, Then the cards are turned in to the next dealer.

The first person that doesn't get a spoon gets an "S". The next time that person doesn't get a spoon they get an "O" and it continues on, until that person spells "Spoon" at which time they are out of the game.

The last person who hasn't spelled "SPOON" wins