To Tell the Truth

Have everyone right down something about them that no one knows and right their name on it. Collect them all and pick out a few of the best ones.

For the first round pick one of the situations that you picked out. Call that person up with two other people. Try not to make it obvious who the person is that wrote the situation.
Take the three people to the back and tell them the situation. Have each person make up a story that makes them sound like it was them.

Have the three people go out and tell their story.

An Example:
Jane was on the cover of a magazine

Say "Can I have John, Jane, and Kent come in the back"

Then have John and Kent make up a story why they were on the cover of a national magazine, have Jane tell the true story.

Have them come out and each tell their story as realistically as they can

See who can guess who is "Telling the Truth"