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Rodezios Brazilian Bar and Grill is the best place in town. It is located in Trolley Square. It is pretty pricey, I think $18 a plate, but is well worth it! All you can eat meat,  and vegetables they bring out on skewers, and it just keeps coming, so many different things to choose you want to try everything, plus an all you can eat salad bar. Yummy!

I love to eat at the top of the Joseph Smith memorial building! Food is great and I love the view of the temple. A fun picture to take is: stand by the window, put your hand out, and you can get a picture of Moroni in the palm of your hand. - Judy Bresch

Lion House Pantry - There is a Buffet there. With things like Roast Beef, Ham, and salads. It is close to the Temple grounds. It is not very expensive and is very pretty inside! - Lindsay

I absolutely love the Lion House. It is a church restaurant right on temple square and gives you the best food in SLC. - Liza

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