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I went to Temple Square in the winter. I love the sparkle of the lights at Christmas time. It is also really neat to hear the story of Jesus' birth. All right next to the temple! It is so neat to see such beautiful scenery with the amazing background of the temple. I loved getting to go inside the temple before looking at the lights later that day. It was such a neat experience.- Liza

Last time I was in Salt Lake, my parents and I took a walk through temple square, I was bummed that they were just starting to put up the Christmas lights and I would miss them, but as we cam upon the tabernacle, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was inside. I really wanted to go inside and watch them but had my three little children along. An usher informed us of a back room that was enclosed. We went in, there were a few families there, listening to the Choir. It was so inspirational. they sang some patriotic songs that really touched me. IT was a wonderful experience.

Attending General Conference. We also took a tour of the building afterwards. What an amazing place.  - Judith P.

One of my favorite things in Salt Lake is the Church history Museum (801-240-4615). There was a lot of art form church members, but my favorite thing were the masks made from Hyrum and Joseph after they died. It was really cool!

I loved everything! Everyone is so nice and friendly! The museum had a special display celebrating the 200th birth of Joseph Smith. It was really wonderful. I am a family history center director so the FH library was especially interesting to me, I really enjoyed talking to the staff and getting ideas from them. They are so helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. -  Judy Bresch

My favorite part of the trip was when I went to the Salt Lake City Temple. I am under 12 years old, but I was getting sealed to my family so I was allowed in. While I was waiting for my parents to get all ready, I stayed in the Youth Center with some nice ladies who took care of my siblings and I. I played games there, and colored pictures. - Lindsay

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