Black Bart, Boulevardier Bandit
by George Hoeper

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"In the box, found the next day, was the following~

Here I lay me down to sleep,
To wait the coming morrow.
Perhaps success, perhaps defeat,
And everylasting sorrow.
Let come what will, I'll try it on,
My condition can't be worse;
And if there's money in that box
Tis munny in my purse.
                  Black Bart, the Po8"

Stage coach robber, man-about-town, poet, gentleman--the elusive Black Bart takes lawmen on an eight year chase through California Gold Country.  The back drop--the early, rugged west! 

In this book you will ride the trails of the Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express Box route, sniff out hot tips with the Sheriff, and of course, try to keep up with Mr. Black Bart! 

I've read this book twice!  Confession--I love true crime.  I found Bart to be extremely fascinating and found myself starting to cheer him on!  YIKES!  I hope you enjoy the old-time photos and Most Wanted posters as much as I did!

The question remains, what really ever happened to Black Bart?  Will you believe Hoeper's conclusion?
                                                   ~Happy Reading~

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