When You Look Like Your Passport Photo,
 It's Time to Go Home
(travel tales)
by Erma Bombeck

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Going on Vacation?  Think twice!

You are in for the ride of your life with this explosive (see next paragraph) narrative of a family vacations gone awry!  Honestly, I laughed so hard I woke my family in the night!  After reading Erma's travel tales I was determined never to visit...uh...well I won't ruin this for all of you people already booked on your non-refundable, all inclusive tours to...

The book begins like this--Erma and hubby, on a long-awaited exotic vacation, hunkered down in their hotel quarters dodging tribal war-fare. 

OK, so maybe she embellishes a bit, but I'm going to believe it all.  Let's just say, that Erma can make a chocolate cream pie fight out of opening up a package of Life Savers. 

Erma's facial expression on the cover says a thousand and one words!

Anything Erma rocks!

                         ~Happy Reading~

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