A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution
Ji-Li Jiang

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Ji-li excels at almost everything.  Will the “New China” end her progress and dreams?

"We were all brainwashed.  To us Chairman Mao was God.  He controlled everything we read, everything we heard, and everything we learned in school.  We believed everything he said...Anything bad had to be the fault of others.  Mao was blameless."  ~Ji-Li 

An autobiographical account of a gradual acceptance into a new order of coercion, and fear.  Oh, the power of propaganda (if we could only use these techniques to inspire our kids to clean their messes).

It is hard to believe a whole country's people can be sucked into this level of submission and patronage.  I guess it happens all over the world and it is interesting to explore these lies from a child’s perspective in Red Scarf Girl

 All I have to say is --  thank goodness for democracy! 

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