Song of Survival: Women Interned
by Helen Colijn

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Oh, the sweet power of music!
Enduring Japanese captivity during WWII, women in Sumatra endured the dark days of imprisonment.  But how they endured this trial is so captivating.  Music!  Uplifting, beautiful music!  Written from memory for a chorus of forlorn women including Dutch, Australian, and English nuns, teachers, wives, and children.

The faith demonstrated by this small group of prisoners is illuminating.  If you are forced to become a prisoner of war, you would be blessed to be with such women.

"They knew not that the allies had won or that the world was once again entering peaceful times. They knew nothing of the events occurring beyond the wire, only of their own quest for survival. Song of Survival is the story of this quest."

I was surprised how few of my friends had read Colijn's book.  Spread the news. 
A real hidden treasure!

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