A Trip to the Beach (travel)
By Melinda and Robert Blanchard

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A Trip to the Beach

Melinda Blanchard

Living on Island Time in the Caribbean

You won't want to miss this tale of a couple who gives up something good for something better!

The risk-taking couple, Mel (first-class, self-taught cook) and Bob (can-do-man), sell their Vermont home,  invest in a shack on a small tropical island (Anguilla), and create a high-class, beach-front restaurant fit for the stars.

Find out how Mel and Bob embrace the Anguillan ways, overcome hurricanes, business tangles, and crazy employees.

This book will take you away to an exotic Caribbean Island and let you indulged on the finest cuisine!  In reality, I DID indulge.  My hubby whipped up a pot of delicious gazpacho from one of the many recipes tucked between these pages.

A Trip to the Beach shares powerful messages. 
                                    Where there's a will, there's a way!
                                          With the hardship come the blessings!

  ~Happy Reading~

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