Ideas for starting your own book club!
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Do you want a strong and energetic book club?  Here are some tips for success!

1.  Invite people who love to read.

2.  Know your book!!!  Make sure you know the content of the entire book.  You know your group and don't
      want offend anybody.  If you read the book 10 years ago you may want to review it again.  If you are
      like me, your standards are higher now and maybe you've forgotten about some of the unclean content.

3.  Set a specific time each month. 
      Example--2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.

4. Limit the number of participants. 
     A book group is stronger with an intimate group (6-10 people).  A small group will promote easy    
     conversation, unity, and make the host's job less stressful.  If interest is high, it is easy to build more than
     one group.  If you have more than one, you can gather annually for a book club party!

5.  Set requirements for the group
     Example--Members are required to read at least ten books (out of twelve) and attend at least ten meeting
     each year.  I don't keep track of this, but send out requirements once a year.   Because we limit the     
     number of participants, these rules are a must.  Without them the discussion weakens.  

6.  Decide on logistics. 
     Our group is set up as follows:  Each host is assigned a month.  We rotate in alphabetical order.  The host
     chooses and introduces her book at the meeting prior to month of hosting.  A host holds the meeting in
     her own home.  Other than nursing babies, family members usually scatter.  We have had a tradition of
     eating!  Many times a host will make themed food-stuff.  For instance, when we read Elder Busche's
     (German conversion story) book the host made streusel.  We have also eaten English, Chinese,  Indian,
     and Italian cuisine.

7.  Invite guest speakers. 
On occasion, we have invited, via phone or in person, book authors to the group. 

8.  Set up a Yahoo Group. 
This is the best and easiest way to keep connected.  Hosts can send out info such as discussion
     questions or book selections reminders.  It's free and easy.

Here is the link to set up a yahoo group!

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