The Yearling
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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Oh, how I love a good story of living off the land, struggling with the crops, and appreciating a good yardage of animal hide.  In fact, in celebration of this book and on this very day, I was out feeding newborn lambs, picking asparagus, collecting fresh brown eggs, and sitting along side the river under the big sky (and I'm a city gal).

This book was written by one of the finest and scored a Pulitzer Prize for its contribution to great American literature.  Although it is a book about a growing boy* and his pet (the yearling), I mostly enjoyed it for the backwoods dialect, crazy neighbors, scenic poetry, and bear hunting escapades (not to mention the story about how Uncle Miles lost his breaches in chapter 26)!

Edible insight from The Yearling:  Ma made a pilau of the squirrels for supper.  "Why the meat's so tender, " [Pa] said, "you could kiss it off the bones."  

Good stuff!

Happy Reading

ps.  I have not seen the movie, but please feel free to review the movie below!

*I haven't totally gotten over the fact the boy's name is Jody.

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