Believing Christ
the parable of the bicycle and other good news
Stephen E. Robinson

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This book is not for perfect people.  This is for those, like me, who are not perfect and in need some good news!

I grabbed this book off a friend's shelf one night.  What I thought would be a casual read turned out to be a life changing personal message.   Like somebody finally turned on the lights upstairs.   I was working by nightlight too long. 

This book is about choosing Christ. 

Many of us believe in Christ, that He lives, He died on the cross, He created the earth.  But do we really believe Christ when He says, "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.  I can make you pure and worthy and celestial".

After studying Believing Christ, my life has changed.  I  feel happier when I read the scriptures.  I feel happier about my life path.  The Sacrament has become a more significant event.  My prayers are more meaningful.  I could go on....

I would love to hear how this book has affected your life! 

Happy Reading

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