Chinese Cinderella
by Adeline Yen Mah

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I most fervently love a well written and true Cinderella story! 

This one includes, but is not limited to: a jealous & cruel step-mother, pampered step siblings, an indifferent father, and a fairy
god-mother in her Aunt Baba! 

Adeline's mother dies shortly after given birth to her.  Sadly, she is blamed and "never forgiven". Add to the mix the evil step-mother, her own growing pains,  and her country's historical struggles against communism and the plot thickens.  In the end, uncovering her God given strengths, she is able to triumph.  Read this great book and find out how she lives happily ever after.

I love that young Adeline gets lost in her books.  She makes reference to one of my favorites-- King Lear (see my review).

Happy Reading,

Note: Yen Mah first wrote Falling Leaves, a more mature version, which is very good but a little darker.  For those wanting a more in depth read, I would recommend it!

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