SOUTH: The Endurance Expedition
by Ernest Shackleton

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I hope you can ENDURE this saga of men against the elements!

Have I mentioned my obsessions with maps?  This has some (I love 'em) of a location many people are unfamiliar--The Antarctic.  Ernest Shackleton, a true leader in exploration and of men, sets out to explore this vast icy land in 1914 on a ship called Endurance.  The exploration turned to bitter survival as the ship became encased and eventually crushed by an iceberg.

A favorite part of this book is when the men, waiting for rescue, are down to only 40 sugar cubes per person.  What a bleak outlook, yet they seem to enjoy discussions in detail about food, past meals, future meals, census of what each man would most desire to eat, etc.  One gentleman had a small recipe booklet.  He would read a recipe each night.  "This would be discussed very seriously, and alterations...suggested, and then they would turn into their bags to dream of wonderful meals that they could never reach."

I loved to read about Mr. Wild, who took over command when the rescue party departed.  What a positive, energetic and resourceful man.  The pictures of him are wonderful!

Happy reading!

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