Bishopric Ideas

Birthday Cards - Cards handed out during sharing time for kids that have a birthday that week. It says BIRTHDAY CARD REDEEM AT BISHOPS OFFICE. (print some out here printout 1, printout 2) I have a jar of candy. When they show up at church they can grab a handful as big as they can fit in their hand. They also get to chose a primary pencil or other doodad I get at LDS bookstore. - Bishop Jensen

Ward Picture - Take a ward picture after church or during an activity.

Bishop's Reward - To help the children behave in Primary, have the best behaved child sit next to the Bishop on the stand during sacrament. You wont believe how proud the children feel. This also helps the child learn reverence through sacrament and also shows the children that the Bishop is interested in them. - Sarah Leonard

Candy Jar - Keep a candy jar in your office for kids who come in.

Wall Quilt - Put a quilt on the wall with blank squares so every family in the ward can sign it.

Basketball - Reserve the building once a month for Ward basketball. It builds great relationships.

Mothers Day - For mother's day we had all the men teach primary and had all the women in Relief Society, after opening exercises we brought out ice cream sundae, brownie sundaes, chocolate covered strawberries and more for them to have a mothers day treat.

Head of Household sisters - We have a "Head of household sisters" activity quarterly. (We no longer call them "single sisters" in our ward because many of the widowed sisters were offended because they are married.) Use ideas from our Enrichment Night ideas (some of these are lessons, that can be adjusted to activites).

Tithing Settlement - A few things we have done at tithing settlement: Gave out candy canes, or homemade bread, scheduled an extra long ward activity where people could come into tithing settlement during the activity. We have also gone to peoples houses for tithing settlement.

BYD's (Bishop's Youth Discussion) - We were having a terrible turn out for our Bishop's youth discussion, so now, we hold it immediately after church and have a dinner and then discussion. Our 1/5 attendance has turned into 100%.

Christmas and Easter Programs - Our Sacrament meetings for Christmas and Easter are mostly ALL musical numbers, hardly any speaking.

Activity  Bag - Have a box or plastic tote in the Bishops office filled with children's books, small toys, crayons, etc. This will help little ones stay occupied while your visit to the Bishop is taking place. - Kellie Jobe

Pictures - Assign someone to take pictures of new members including converts, move ins and new babies. Post these pictures and the person's name on a corkboard outside the bishop's office.  - Scott

Notebook - Take pictures of all the kids in each primary class. Then take the pictures and add them to a notebook. Give the notebook to the Bishopric so they can memorize the kids with their names and pictures while sitting on the stand

Hershey Jar - I have a container of Hershey's kisses that I give out one to each of my Primary kids, after Primary. I always ask them if they have been good in primary, and they always answer that they have been very good. This tradition has continued for the last 4 Bishops, I am the 4th. Probably about 15 years worth.

Singles Ward Bishop - As a bishop of a student ward at BYU-Idaho, I text absent ward members as soon as my ward clerk and executive secretary compile the attendance rosters from Relief Society groups and Elders' Quorums asking if they needed help since they were not in attendance. If I don't hear from them or if they don't show up for sacrament meeting after this initial text, I e-mail a second message asking if they need help and that they were missed. I also sent daily as well as weekly e-mail reminders about university and ward activities. Ward members really enjoyed "great date ideas" I sent out.


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