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A Ward Family Tree - I put up a paper tree on a wall at our ward building. Our goal was to have a green tree. If you showed a family history consultant your 4 generation chart you earned a red leaf. When you showed the disk ready to take to the temple you earned a yellow leaf, and when you showed the pink/blue cards you earned a green leaf. The youth in the ward really set the example and had more work done than any other group.

Take One Person to the Temple. - We taught a six week class Sunday school Class entitled "Take One Person through the Temple"  We went through all the steps and then at the end we all had a disk and we baptized our ONE. For the six Sunday School Lessons we used the book: Crash Course
in Family History for Latter-Day Saints, by Paul Larsen (Deseret books). A great
book for every Family History Consultant, and we used the Logan Ut, CD rom to teach PAF (Personal Ancestral File), and Ohana Software Insight program (downloads free to Family History Centers.) Now when they come back for
research we can use, all subscriptions FREE to Family History Centers . Makes the perfect
package for teaching.
 It was so well received that we are going to try to have one Sat a month for anyone who wants to, "Take One Person to the Temple."  - Judy Near Seattle

Smile and a Cookie (If you have a Family  history center in your building) - We had lots of flyers  (with a sticker foot on each and a COOKIE) and put information in the Sunday program for two weeks prior. Feet showing up all over the building etc. Then on The Sunday (after third block) "WALK RIGHT INTO THE NEW USER FRIENDLY Family History Center AND GET A SMILE AND A COOKIE," we had huge paper feet leading to the Family History Center, a sign on the foyer door saying, "Please use other door follow the feet," so everyone had to leave the building by going by the Family History Center. We had bagels, brownies, cookies, punch and smile stickers. And a free tour through our little Family History Center. - Judy Near Seattle

"Family Treet" - Get a huge bulletin board, 8ft tree from the teacher supply store. Ask permission from the bishop for a place to put it up. "If you bring in a picture of an ancestor to put on a leaf, you get a treat". - Judy Near Seattle

Norman Rockwell Family -  Photo copy the Norman Rockwell picture 'Family Tree' and have everyone put their picture as a child in the top picture and put them all on a bulletin board. - Judy Near Seattle

PAF in One Year - Have a goal of getting PAF, Personal Ancestral File  (a church program for entering your genealogy information) on ALL computers in the branch/ward  within one year. Place the download instructions in the Sunday program and "If you want, we will come to your home and download it for you." - Judy Near Seattle

A Visit from the Past - We got permission from the bishop and set aside one week for everyone to join is in the cultural hall for Sunday School. We had people (not in the ward) dress up in clothes, from their era (which ever era's you choose)  and talk about their lives on earth (how they looked for the truth but never received it, etc) and how they are in the spirit world waiting. We had three people do short dialogs, then we had the bishop come up and speak about the importance of Family History. It was very successful. I had many people approach me after to talk to me about where to start doing there family history.

A Day in Heaven - For our Stake Temple day we had a goal to do enough work to make a ward in heaven, it was a huge event, collecting enough names, getting all the wards excited but  we accomplished it!

Another Day in Heaven - I took the "Day in Heaven" idea and adapted it to our branch. We called it "Baptize a Branch in Heaven" in the year 2006. We started in January and announced that in 2006 we had as our FHC goal that if each member took one ancestor to the temple or prepared one ancestors name for baptism, we would have accomplished baptizing A Branch in Heaven. We then said that if you could prepare two names we could baptize a ward, and five names we could Baptize a Stake in Heaven. We did a lot of promoting and kept the enthusiasm going. We were surprised at the response. Almost everyone in the branch had at least one person (relation, friend etc) that was very special to them and they had always wanted to baptize but either didn't know how to proceed or kept putting it off. We made a temple baptism date every two months and personally invited each member to join us or present a name and we would do the baptism. Here it is June and we have baptized a WARD in Heaven. We had a big branch party to celebrate. - Christie Welch

Stake Family File - Organize a Stake Family file at the temple, so when someone from your stake goes to the temple they can stop and ask for a name in your stake to do the work for.

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