Home Teaching Ideas

Same Time, Same Place - Schedule with your comp. and families the same day and time to visit every month. This removes the task of scheduling every month, because it is already done. After a couple months your families will be waiting for you. While there may be conflicts some months, just make the adjustment for that month and then go back to your normal schedule.

Friend Message - When I home teach a family with young children, instead of using the First Presidency message from the Ensign, I use the one from the Friend.

Make them Lunch - My Home Teachers have a hard time scheduling a visit, so to help out I have them come right after Church and serve them lunch. Our Branch President says that if your Home Teachers don't visit you, then you go to their house and visit them. Same with visiting teachers. - Judy Bresch

Take a Message - Set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of your meeting on the first Sunday. Hand out 3X5 cards and pens. Hand out home teaching lists to the home teachers present. Give the assignment to write a pertinent message to at least one family you home teach and deliver it within the week. Report back to the EQ president how it went during Elder's interviews.

Yummy...Chocolate Cake - Tell your Home Teachers that should they come at the start of the new month, They will get tasty chocolate cake. If they came later in the month they get a rock ie. old chocolate cake. - Duncan Oelschig


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