A Film Festival

There are lots of ways to do Film Festivals, so adjust this however you think it would fit best in your ward or stake. The way it is set up here, requires two activity nights, which seems to work best.

Preparation for first activity:
Pick themes, for example : Western, Mission Impossible, Broadway Musical, Tarzan (jungle theme), Karate, Silent films, etc.

Decide how many groups you will have. 7-10 people in each group.
Put a bag together for each group. In the mission impossible bag you might put sunglasses, watch, fake cell phone, etc. In the siletn film bag you might want some poster board and a big marker (for writing up the words they need to film).

Round up enough video cameras for each group to have one

For the First Activity - separate into groups. give each group a bag and a camera and have them make a film with that theme. Have them take their time, talk to them, if necessary, about what is included in a good story (Check out this page Writing Your Own Story).

Preparation for the Second Activity - Try and find someone to edit the movies (there are lots of computer programs now that do it). Get awards ready, if presenting them.

For the Second Activity -Put out a red carpet. Have an Academy award night. Show films. Give out awards, best actor, best actress, best music, etc. if desired. Serve refreshments. Let the kids give a speech if they want