Human Foosball

 Imagine a large grid area marked in rectangular strips in rows of 12 or 16 with goals at each end. The thin rope or strong string (twine) is raised about 1.5 ft from the ground (so the ball can pass under it but keep the players from crossing it). Human players kept in 'roped' grids are moving side to side and not able to cross over the 'roped' lines as the ball is kicked under the rope to a goal. Opposing players are also placed in 'roped' grids with each team having a 'goalie' at each end. The goal could be as wide and the roped grid or Hint: More challenging if a trash can is used as a goal. Just like the table top version the fun is in trying to score the most goals. Referees: Youth leaders can be use to play referees when players cross the roped grids or are caught 'stretching the lane or pulling. Just like soccer no hands are allowed. Ball should not be kicked in the air. Space Needed: Large area either indoor or outdoor (Can be played in cultural hall). Items needed: 20+ chairs, large roll of twine or string, a soccer ball or like. Set up: Place chairs down each side of the playing area about 20ft from each other and approx. 4 ft down the side. Then tie twine or string approximately 1.5 ft from the ground to the chairs in such a way that you create grid lanes. Place a goal by using a trash can laid down or designate an goal perhaps by 2 chairs placed closer together (about 4ft apart and parallel to the game grids). Team Set up and Rules: Divide group into 2 teams with 2 players as goalies. Place opposing teams in alternating 'lanes' of the grid. Players can run side to side to block the rolling ball but cannot cross over the twine, nor can they pull or push the twine. They can change directions depending on where the ball is heading within their lane but cannot leave their lane. The ball should not be kicked in the air but kept rolling under the twine towards the goals.  - Kenneth Bennett