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Frisbee Swat
- What you'll need for this active game are two (or more) Frisbees, two chairs, two cones (or liter bottles), two teams, and a rolled up newspaper for each player. At each end of the playing area, place a chair with a cone on its seat. The purpose is for each team to knock the other team's cone off the chair with a Frisbee. Points are awarded for each knockdown. Team members pass the Frisbees to each other as they work their way down the field. No one is allowed to run with the Frisbee—they can only pass it. Team members hold a newspaper in one hand, which is used for knocking down the opponent's Frisbee, and use the other hand to catch and throw their team's Frisbee. To play the game teams must attempt to score on offense and at the same time maneuver around on defense to swat the opponent's Frisbee out of the air.

Faith Factor - (based on the idea of Fear Factor) with the YM and YW we had competitions such as who could get the most gummy worms out of a bunch of chocolate pudding using only their teeth; who could state the years theme ("Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly...") with the most marshmallows in their mouths; bubble gum blowing contest, etc. It was a lot of fun--not totally a spiritual activity, but a lot of fun.

Blind Volleyball - Set up the volleyball net and drape sheets over it (safety pinning them in place). Then you just play a normal game of volleyball, you just can't see what's going on on the other side of the net! We played with a giant ball that was soft. It was so much fun!

I’ve Got Your Number - As kids arrive, each gets a number that they must wear in a conspicuous place on their clothes. Ahead of time, prepare lots of instructions on little slips of paper, then place them in a box. They should be things like: Borrow something from 1. Introduce 2 to 7. Have 6 get you a glass of water. Find out 12’s middle name. When everyone has their number, kids each take a slip of paper with an instruction on it. When they have completed the instruction, they come back and get a new one. At the end of the time limit (five minutes or so), whoever has completed the most instructions wins. Make sure you make plenty of instructions.

Chair Balloon Ball - A smooth, non-carpeted floor works best for this fast-moving game—it helps eliminate the shocking element of static electricity! Create two even teams of students and have each group choose a goalie. Give each person a balloon to inflate and leave in a big box along the sidelines. Then ask each player to grab a chair before the game begins. Players should arrange their chairs in the playing area like positions on a real soccer field, with the two goalies sitting at opposite ends. Two opposing players face off with one balloon to begin the game. The teams play regular offense and defense, but there are a couple of twists to the rules. Team members can move anywhere on the playing field, but their chairs must remain underneath them at all times. So they use one hand to hit the balloon and the other to hold onto their chair. The second twist involves the goalies. When a balloon is passed to a goalie, that person’s job is to sit on it and try to pop it before the other team loudly counts to three. If the goalie fails to pop the balloon, the balloon should be returned to the center of the field and put back into play. A point is scored whenever a goalie pops a balloon, and then a new balloon is tossed onto the center of the field for the next round of the game. Once all the balloons are mere fragments of their former selves, the team with the most balloon bits under the goalie’s chair is declared to be the winning team!

Musical Fear Factor - We divided the group of YM YW into 4 competing groups. Guitar Heroes, Karaoke, and Name that Tune were the three events. Each group competed against one other group. The winner of Guitar Heroes received points, the loser less. During Karaoke if you dared to sing the song which you blindly chose from a slip in the jar then you received points, if you were too embarrassed and needed help you received less points. Finally there was Name that Tune with all teams competing at once. We were planning on doing Dance Dance revolution, but the other activities were so fun and time consuming that we nixed the DDR. The youth absolutely LOVED this activity. - Colleen Bishop

Human Foosball - Great idea for joint activity-just like the table top game this is just the large version of it! Click HERE for more details. - Kenneth Bennett

Ultimate Elimination -  If you have 30 or more kids and a big playing field, this game can continue for a long, exciting time. Students should pair off and tie themselves together at the arm. Throw into the fray several Frisbees, Nerf balls, playground balls, or a combination of them—and it's every pair for itself. When one person of a pair is hit, she can no longer throw, but can only defend her partner. When her partner is hit as well, that pair is out of the game altogether—that is, until the pair that finally eliminated them is itself eliminated. Then the first pair can join the game again. Just when you think the game is winding down, a lethal pair that eliminated several other pairs is itself eliminated—and competition picks up quickly as those renewed pairs can play again.

Pinewood Derby - Just like the cub scouts. The youth spent several weeks making their pinewood derby cars. The s needed a little help since they hadn't made them before. The youth loved it. Regarding the winner, we had a little friendly competition: if a YW won first place, the YM would prepare dinner for the young women, and vice versa.

The Dough-Tongue Shuffle - This is a relay game in which the young people are divided into two equal groups. Each group lines up, with players one behind the other. Then the first person in each line is given a large donut (preferably plain). On a signal, the first person in each group must run up to and round a given obstacle while holding the donut by sticking his tongue through its hole—no hands allowed. (This usually requires that the head be tilted back and the tongue pointed upward.) After running around the obstacle, he must go to a designated area where a judge is waiting. Then each runner must eat his donut (to the satisfaction of the judge) and receives another donut from the judge (in his hand). The runner then carries this second donut to the next person in the relay line. The first runner places the donut in position on the next runner's tongue, and the relay continues. The first team to complete the relay by running all its members shouts "THE DOUGH-TONGUE SHUFFLE!" and wins.

Where's Waldo -  Recruit adult members of the Ward to serve as "Waldo's" and have them position themselves in the local mall trying their best to "blend in" with other shoppers. The YM and YW will be divided into teams and will have to find the Ward members among the shoppers. When a team finds a Waldo, they get part of a scripture. At the end of the hour each team will put the scripture together. - Russ Dzialo

Amputee Balloon Swat - You remember the rainy-day game that boredom drove you to—Keep the Balloon from Hitting the Ground Or Else It Blows Up. For this version, each person has an inflated balloon to protect—and at the same time, they must try to bat others’ balloons to the ground. The catch is, they can use only one hand to play this game. They have to keep the other hand in a pocket, or behind their back, or otherwise out of play. You get the idea—one hand to share both defensive and offensive tasks. You’ll need boundaries of some sort—such as walls or tape strips on the floor—to keep all players in the thick of the action so they don’t wander off to protect their balloons. Players are out when their balloons hit the floor or are swatted out of bounds. Or you can create the rule that players are out only when their balloons hit the floor and are stepped on and popped—and they can only step on a balloon that’s already on the ground.

Laser Tag! - All of the girls loved it and we make it a tradition to go once or twice a year! - Jenn

Mixed-up Menu - I am a laurel and we had a silly dinner with the priests its where you get a menu with silly foods and so you pick numbers and then give it to your leader and then they give you the food in the order you wrote. It was fun and I got all the numbers in order. - Sarah

Ice Skating - GO ice skating its so much fun and you can play games or you can just skate - melissa

Marshmallow Midget Ball - Locked out of the sports equipment closet again? Don’t even have a sports equipment closet? Then try raiding the church kitchen and playing a few innings of this short—but not necessarily quick—game. Two teams play a good old-fashioned game of baseball, using jumbo-size marshmallows for the ball (you’ll want to have a large bag of these on hand) and a spatula for the bat. Use whatever stationary objects you have handy for the bases—wastepaper baskets, chairs, orange safety cones, or adult leaders. Just before the first pitch is thrown, casually mention that players must play the game on their knees. At this point you may want to move the bases a little closer together or provide kneepads for the batting team. Points are scored whenever a runner—crawler—safely reaches home base. A final twist to the all-American game—if a fielder catches a fly marshmallow in her mouth and eats it (with no help from hands), then it counts as two outs.

Floppy Jalopy - Divide up into teams 4-8 people. Each team gets a refrigerator box to design their own car. Use razor blades to cut out (younger kids will need help). Use anything from duct tape to markers to decorate. The goal is to work together to quickly get your car ready for the races. Rotate turns of who is racing the car through relays or obstacle courses. You can give awards for the best in show and winners of races. You can also have a demolition derby at the end.- Natalie

Glow tag/night games - Have all the youth wear bright shirts (greens, yellows, and oranges work the best) and jeans. It has to be dark. buy a bunch of glow sticks/ necklaces and bring scissors. Take the glow sticks one at a time and cut them open on one end before splattering the glow-stuff allover the clothes (being careful to avoid skin and faces) (don't worry, the stuff washes out of fabric). After everyone (including leaders) have been splattered, play tag or night games or any other activity in the dark. it's a lot of fun. (if you'd rather, just get glow necklaces/bracelets for everyone to wear. But let me say that it's a lot of fun to splatter each other and then run around with a bunch of other glowing people). enjoy! - Brooke

Candy-Coated Teams - Tired of having your students number off for every team competition— "One, two, three, one, two, three..."? Place a piece of Skittles candy in a dark-colored balloon and inflate it—one balloon per student. As your students arrive, give each person a balloon. Instruct kids to pop the balloons however they like, as long as they save the surprise inside. In other words, no eating the surprise until you say it’s okay! After they’ve retrieved their pieces of candy, players should mingle and find their teammates (students with the same color candy). There are five original flavors of Skittles, so if you need more than five teams for a game, you could also use M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, or another kind of hard-shell candy.

Cook-off - Have the Young Women make something from scratch and come up with a theme (ours was a car wash) and the adults could not help. The boys also have to come up with a theme and they cook stuff from scratch. Plan a night where someone can come talk about etiquette dining and you can have the missionaries taste test it and judge, but you cant tell them which is the girl's team and which is the boy's team. It's a lot of fun and I did it my first year of young women's. Hope you do it and have fun, fun, fun!!! - Ariel Brandli

Fear Factor - This was such a hit!!! We had 5 events--each team had to have a different representative for each event! --Dig a coin out of a mound of flour with nose (no hands) --eat a live meal worm (less points if eaten with an Oreo cookie) --see what team rep could hold up a soup can in each hand the longest (parallel to the ground) --we had a mad scientist come and make a special drink in the blender (sardines w/oil, raisins, tomato soup...)the kids had to drink a very small amount! --we brought a live tarantula. We fed it crickets. The reps had to watch very closely without flinching! At the close, we had a leader talk about "Faith" and then served dirt (pudding with sour worms topped with crushed Oreo Cookies)! - Caryn

Easter Breakfast - Everyone brings there favorite breakfast food to share. We then had a Easter egg hunt, egg coloring, egg drop for the young men and women, and other fun outdoor games such as four square. - Amy Firsdon

Bonfire - if it's permitted in your state, you can have a bonfire in you backyard and just have a good time. - Ryan

Death of a Testimony -  Have someone lay down and scotch tape the area around them (a dead testimony). Be sure to put plenty of things around for the youth to find that could have "killed" the testimony. Ideas: get an empty jar and label it tithing, have a couple rated "R" movies lying around, lay out scriptures with dust on them (brown sugar works), leave an un-opened "missionary call" letter somewhere, an empty temple recommend, or leave dice and money lying on the floor. Have someone talk about testimonies after the youth gathers the items. - Amber

Night Hike -  Find a park or a trail that takes you to the top of a mountain or to a place that is far from the city to view the stars and make up your own constellations.- Michaela

Fooze-ball: (do this in your gym) duct-tape some really long, thin plastic pipes together, (big enough to get a good grab on.) line every one up like players on a fooze-ball table. Keep score on a board by one of the adults or a person who can't or doesn't want to play. The best treat after this game are root beer floats! - Taylor, Little Rock Arkansas Stake

Ice Blocking - Freeze big blocks of ice (use big pots), cove with a towel and find a good grassy hill to slide down while sitting on the block.

Service Scavenger Hunt - The idea is to see who can get the most points on this fun activity

Food Fight - Have an organized food fight competition where we do various games where you get supper dirty with oatmeal, spaghetti, lasagna, pudding and various cheap foods (old food storage works great). You set up several activities with booths that groups go around to, to win points for their team. The winning team gets to pie the losing team at the very end. Once the pieing has occurred lets the kids have a massive food fight with the leftovers (remove the eggs; someone got a bloody lip) Most fun combined activity ever and everyone still talks about it. Bring a hose to hose the kids off before returning home and have them wear old clothes. Do on a baseball field at the church or somewhere outside. Take lots of pictures. - Ryan

Broom Hockey - Everyone get a broom and use them trying to get a volleyball past the other teams goal (best if played in a gym)

Road Rally - This activity take a bit of preparation but is lots of fun.

Film Festival - A favorite youth activity.

Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball - One night for an activity the leaders borrowed a few black-lights from some people in out ward. we played glow in the dark doge ball. we got about five plastic balls from Wal-Mart that are only 85 cents. then we got glow sticks from the dollar store and we made sure everyone got one then we started playing. - Taylor

Water Balloon Steel the Flag - Adjust these Steal the Flag rules (from or Family Fun Section). Instead of tagging someone on your side, you have to hit them with a water balloon (on either side).

Frisbee Football - Play two hand touch football, but instead of using a football, use a Frisbee.

Who Wants to be a Celestial-Heir - Use the ldsSplash Trivia to make your own "Who wants to be a Millionaire" game. Make sure you use 50/50, phone a friend (or ask a friend) and ask the audience.

Human Foosball - We play Human Foosball for YM/YW activities. You need two teams divided evenly. With long segments of PVC pipe or something similar, the kids hold on to the pipe at all times. Usually 3 or 4 players on each pipe. There should be 3 or 4 pipes for each team. Set up the gym to be like a foosball table. You have a goalies, fullbacks, halfbacks, and forwards. You have to alternate the line of forwards and halfbacks with the opposing team. The team members must continue to hold the pipe and move together when moving around to kick the ball. We use a Nerf soccer ball. The kids have a great time and enjoys playing together. - Travis Draper

Missionary Tag - A large group of evenly numbered youth all stand in a large circle with their "companion" linking arms. There is one person in the middle that is it and one person who doesn't have a partner. The one who doesn't have a partner must link arms with a person that does and the original companion in the end of the three people must run away from the person in the middle and link arms with a person across in the circle. If the are tagged then they are it. - Jessica Mevs


Game Shows - There are a lot of game  shows that can be played. some that we have done are:  Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud.

Bigger and Better - Each team starts with a penny. Go to members house and say "do you have something bigger and better than this that we could have?" keep going to members houses asking them this until time runs out. Whoever got the bigger and better thing wins.

Keep on the Path - There are a few ways to do this activity.  Place blue masking tape on the floor, starting at the front door, and tell each person not to leave the path. Have the path go past good things and other things that are just out of reach for example the path goes by: Write a letter to a missionary, learn about a prophet, send a referral. etc. Have a 10-12 good booths. Have these things just out of reach, so you could almost reach it: a basketball in the gym, a video game controller with a cool game playing, a fun movie, etc. give tokens for good activities, (if you like give a different color for the bad activities and have a store where they could buy great stuff with these tokens. At the end of the activity, take them all back.) with the good tokens, at the end of the night, with one token they get a scoop of ice-cream, 2= 2 scoops, 3=one topping, etc. The more tokens, the better the sundae. Talk about What you value in life and what is important.

Miniature Golf - Have each class set up two miniature golf courses, have them in and out of the building. Make some score cards, have prizes for the winners.

Airplane Crash! - A good idea for standards night. Send tickets (invites) to all the youth. A trip to Hawaii. set up one room like an airplane. Have flight attendants, etc. Serve peanuts and soda. then, with light (and sound effects if possible) pretend like the plane crashes. Tell them that they have died. Take them to three rooms, one at a time, first telestial. Have it made up kind of grungy and worldly although there is some nice stuff in it. Talk about what they did you get there. Go to the next room, Terrestrial, and end in the celestial room, which of course is the best of all. Have a special speaker talk. Serve some good desert. (Remember, We are not suppose to wear all white, like our temple clothes, in the church building).

Line Tag - Play line tag in the gym. you have to stay on the lines at all times.

Toothpaste Catch Three - volunteers lie on the floor, face up, with a small paper cup in each of their mouths. Their partners stand above them and try to fill the cup with toothpaste by squeezing it out of the tube and letting it drop from at least three feet high. Give toothbrushes to the winners (the most in their cup).

Video and Tape Scavenger Hunts - See who can video (or tape with a cassette recorder) the fastest. give them a list of things to find. this is fun in a mall or park. Have people stationed in places to look for and collect things as well.

Bowling - set up a bowling ally in the gym

Pot Belly Pig - We played the dating game. Had one guy and three girls (who he couldn't see. We told him once he picked a girl he got to kiss her, but once the girl was chosen, we blindfolded him and had him kiss a Pot belly pig! of course we chose someone who could take a joke. At the end of the activity everyone had a chance to kiss the pig and most people did! (make buttons if you like "I kissed a pot belly pig!"

Passover Meal - During Passover, prepare a Kosher meal and have a a member who knows about Passover to come in and speak about the food and what it represents, and how the Passover related to the Savior.

Mingle - Everyone walks around randomly (mingling) everyone says "Mingle, mingle, mingle" until the caller shouts out "5" then everyone gets in groups of 5 grabbing anyone around them till they have the right number in the group, anyone left over is out. Continue mingling, caller shouts out other numbers for grouping (random numbers) continue playing till just a few left Or don't eliminate and just keep playing. It's a fun "breaking the ice game" Close contact is fun at any age - Diann Y. Smith

Who's Line - Play "Who's Line is it Anyway" with different gospel doctrine. Make a song, story, fake points, dating games, etc.

The Park - Go to a kids play park, have fun, races, competitions! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! - Cassie

Super Spotlight - Have everyone wear dark colors to youth night. In the GYM set up a high ladder in the corner and have an adult on the top with a large spotlight and set up large cardboard containers all over the GYM and buy a roll of tickets from some where like Wal-mart and turn off the lights. Then have all the youth each get some tickets and start at one side of the GYM and try to get to the other side with out getting hit by the light and have adults standing at different places watching for people who get hit. And if they get hit take a ticket away from them and send them back to the beginning. When there is only 20 minutes left stop the game and then find out who has the most tickets left and give them a special prize. Have snacks and fluids.

Dance Lesson - Have a dance lesson, swing, pop, some sort of appropriate dancing - Brittany Parlett

Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball - I think as far as attendance, it was 100%. All of the adult leaders played too. Both the YM and the YW have requested we make that a tradition.  - Ali

Horse Back Riding - Go Horse Back Ridding It can be expensive, but it also is really fun, I love going and can't wait to go again. Another thing is is you can go ride on the beach if it is allowed, it is a blast! - Ashley

Movie Skit night - get a whole bunch of random objects like shirts, pants, wigs, and a few video cameras. Then split everyone one up into groups give them a topic, a video camera, and some objects. Then everyone does a skit and they have to use all the objects. Then you watch it at the end!! It was soo fun!! Everyone loved it!!

Movie Night - Using a projector show a church movie such as Legacy. Serve popcorn or ice cream sundaes. - Sheryl

Dodge ball -

Beehive deacon cook-off -  Have a cook off against the deacons. Start by putting girls on one side of the kitchen an boys on the other. Give each group a bag of ingredients, (both have to be the same) then also give them a few cook books for ideas and using the ingredients in the bag they must make a dish. then get the bishop or a leader to sample each dish and declare a winner. Give the winning team a prize. - Maddie


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