Road Rally

This activity requires a few cars full of about 4 people.


Decide a starting and an ending place. They can be the same, but it is not necessary, and is sometimes fun to end in a different spot.

Get in your car and make a map using clues. For example:
Drive straight until you reach a street that is a cartoon Character and turn left.  Continue driving and turn right on the street that has a gas station with an orange ball on it. Stop at the third house on the left. How many trees are in the yard___________(5 points). Continue on that street. Turn left on the street that rhymes with "Pain"  turn into the shopping center. Use the quarter provided to purchase something, use only the quarter. (10 points)

As you drive around your neighborhood, you will see things that they can count or do. Be sure to provide a bag with the things they will need. (quarter, pen, etc)

At the top or bottom of the page you can put a section for bonus points, things that are on the path that they get points if they find, For Example:
What is the address of the house with three flamingos in it. _________ (10 points)
What is the cheapest gas price seen along the way_______ (15 points)
Pass out this pass along card to a stranger (20 points)

It is good to put 5 or so bonus questions. Make some harder and give more bonus points,

You can also time yourself completing the drive and all the tasks and see who gets closest to that time

Tips for making a good Road Rally:
Make sure everyone knows this isn't a race!
Go through the entire rally yourself AT LEAST once to make sure you have all the right turns and the clues are easy to follow
Don't send all the cars at once, Let then go ever 5 minutes or so.
Make sure the driver just drives, while the rest look for clues
If you are counting something at someone's house, (fenceposts, etc,) make sure you ask the homeowners permission.