Other Activities

Break the Fast - Our Ward has "Break the Fast" Potluck following meetings on Fast Sunday. We only do it the years that we are the last ward in the building for the day. It works really well, with people bringing their potluck dishes and putting them in the refrigerator or bringing crock pots to plug in in the kitchen. Great opportunity to fellowship.

Ward Newsletter - Each month for the ward newsletter, I feature a new family or a family that is becoming active again. I take their picture and ask them some simple questions such as: Where did you grow up? Family Activities? Family Traditions? Etc. This really helps the ward get to the know the other members. It's also a lot of fun to interview them and get their picture.- Cammi Higley

Weekly Program - For the weekly program, I use a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Kit for the front of the program. On the inside or on the insert I use the story on the back of the picture. This way they can take the program home and use this for their Family Home Evening on Monday night. - Cammi Higley

Sunday School Teacher - I'm a Sunday school teacher. In my class the most of the people is over 60, and so, really have problems with vision, audition, and paying attention at the class. These tips helped them: Always start the lesson with something to catch the attention. Use the blackboard. Form at least three groups and always have an activity plan for each group with scriptures, questions, or inspirational thoughts of modern prophets. (Make plans to have at least 2 younger people in each group. they will help) Then perform a forum where they can express what they have learned, feeling experiences and testimonies. They always have. You need to be focused on them, their expressions will tell you what they need. Always pray for them - Claudia Tejeira


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