Young Men's and Scouting Ideas


Human Foosball - Get PVC pipe and have the young men play foosball in the gym you would need 14 plus boys for two teams You can add balls to the game to make it move faster

Ziploc Omelet - See how to make a Ziploc omelet for those long hikes and a delicious breakfast!

Foil Packs - In a piece of foil place potatoes, carrots, onion, soup mix or garlic or salt and meat. (if you use hamburger you don't need to add butter). Wrap in 2 more layers of foil or wet newspaper and one more layer of foil (recommended). Cook it on hot coals only, not flames.

Honoring the Flag - Learn all about how to take care of the flag at this website.

Knot Competition -Have the boys race to see who can so their knot tying the quickest.

Lighten your Load - A few tips to lighten your load. 1. buy an inexpensive Book of Mormon and cut out just the pages you will need on your hike. 2. Buy an inexpensive tooth brush and cut off the handle (every ounce counts on long hikes).

Knot Relay - 4 boys on each team. the first three boys have ropes. The first one runs to a tree and ties a a double half hitch, comes back and tags boy 2 who runs and ties a square knot. 3 ties a sheet bend and four runs up, ties a one-handed bowline around himself and leans back. Whoever does it first wins.

Soda Trick - For long trips glue a soda can to the top of your car. The boys have a good time watching people trying to tell them about the can.

Cooking Contest - When we go on campouts we have a cooking contest. Each boy (or a few boys) are in charge of a meal. If you only go for one day, you could have the deacons do breakfast, teachers do lunch, etc. At the end of the campout we award the winner. Best clean-up can also be an award. We ate great all week!

Clean-as-You-Go - When hiking, have everyone carry a garbage bag so they can clean up trash along the way.

Arrow of Light - Make one big target and each boy, when he gets his arrow of light award, shoots an arrow at it. where it lands is where his name goes permanently. then just keep adding, and year after year, it will keep filling up and have all people from the past who have won an award.

Three Man Knot Race - You need 4 long ropes and 3 boys on each team. For each team have two boys at the ends of a rope and one in the middle holding two ends like this   B--------B--------B. The two on the ends have to tie a one-handed bowline around themselves and then the middle boy has to tie a square knot. After that is done, the two outside boys lean back to make sure they hold and whoever does it first, wins.

Personalized T-shirts - The Boys (or just the leaders) can bring T-shirts for everyone to sign.

Front Seat Exchange - My job, as a driver, on long road trips with the boys, is to get the person out of the front seat and someone else in it. the boys know that I will lie and cheat or do whatever I can to get a change, weather telling them we are stopping for food or whatever. the only rule is, once a boy is in a seat, he has to get up on his own, no one can force him. - Stephen Jensen

Distilled Water - Here are some instructions for making distilled water in an emergency with only a few things.

Tips for Campers: 1. it is good to measure your pace to know how long it is. 2. It is good to challenge the boys to eat bugs so they know they can do it in an emergency situation. 3. Seagull Lillie bulbs and crickets are edible.

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