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Mix and Match Lessons
LDS Splash has come up with a fun idea for sharing time that we hope you will like.

Step 1: Pick a printout below. Print out as many of it that you may need (there are three on each page). Cut them out. Use cardstock and/or laminating to make them strong enough to use multiple times.

Step 2: Look at our ideas for what to put on the back of your pictures. Label them accordingly. You may want to use tape, stickers, or pencil so you can remove it for another lesson.

Step 3: Place them in the room, using the ideas below.

Step 4: Have fun!

Step 1












Step 2
What to put on the back

  • Scriptures

  • Put numbers like this on the board.

    Then place C=1, H=2, U=3, R=4, etc (for the word church) on the back of the pictures. Have them fill in the letters. Use a word that has to do with the lesson.

  • Songs

  • Answers to a question (Example: How can we obey the prophet? Go to church, read scriptures, etc)

  • Clues to one answer

  • Questions (a good way to review or introduce a lesson).

  • A child's name (whoever's name is on the back gets to answer or pick a song, etc)

  • A word to unscramble or fill in the blanks



Step 3
Where to put them

  • Tape them on the walls, all over the room

  • Hang from the ceiling with yarn or ribbon

  • Hide under the chairs

  • Tape on a flannel board

  • Hide them around the room

  • Tape them to straws or popsicle sticks and make an "arrangement". Place them in a vase.

  • Place them on the floor and have the children throw beanbags at them. They get which one the bag lands on (or closest to).

  • Fish them using paperclips (on the pictures), and a stick with a string and magnet on the end.

  • Put them in a bag or hat and let them pick them out



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