Stake Calling

Stake Merit Badge Night - Once a month the Stake plans a stake merit badge night where the boys can pass off three to four merit badges. We announce them way in advance so the boys know which ones to do at scout camp. 

Activity Day Camp - I was called to be the stake primary president and was excited to work with the children, but in a stake calling it is more management than hands on. I suggested to our stake council an Activity Days for Girls Day Camp, which they and the high council approved. We had 3 days of fun and the girls were in heaven doing something "the boys always get to do" we are still not sure who had more fun, the girls or the stake primary presidency. Our theme was F.R.A.W.G.S. Families Really Are Wonderful Gifts all the classes were centered around the family. Such fun and we got to "play with the primary kids" while serving in my "management calling" this years camp is going to have he theme of "Oh, the places you'll go" should be another fun year.- Denise Hobbs

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