Visiting Teaching Ideas

Remember Their Birthday!  - One year I was just feeling really down about getting older. My visiting teacher gave me a very nice gift. She picked something that I was just developing an interest in. I don't remember talking about it in any of our visits, so maybe she did some research or just made an observation. Needless to say, it really boosted my spirits and helped me feel loved. - Victoria

Cookie Exchange - At Christmas time we had a cookie exchange. There were five of us in attendance. Each of us brought six cookies for each of the other sisters. This meant you brought 2 1/2 dozen cookies total and took home 2 1/2 dozen cookies. We included the cookie recipes as well. This was a very fun activity.  - Annie

Temple Trips - I was a visiting teacher for an elderly sister who loved going to the Temple but couldnít go as often as she wanted because she was in a wheelchair. I made arrangements with the Temple to take her one month. Our wonderful elderly sister, my companion and I had a beautiful day at the Temple and we felt the spirit very strongly. - Laura Salazar

Jar cookie or brownie recipe gifts -  Take a wide-mouth mason jar and put the dry ingredients in it for your cookies or brownies and put the recipe with it. Make a few of the goodies to go with it. and give it to your sisters that you visit, as presents, or you can give these gifts anytime of the year. - Sister Heather Marie Whipple

Autumn Outing - My visiting teaching companion and I set an appointment with each of our sisters for a surprise outing. We packed sack lunches, picked up all our sisters in a van and drove to the local mountain refuge famous for it's autumn colors. We presented the lesson along the way, sharing and visiting. Once there, we shared our sack lunches while gazing upon natures moving, beautiful array of autumn colors on rolling woodlands. Judy Phelan

Just Popping In - One time when I knew that one of my sisters didn't have time for a long visit, I took some microwave popcorn (unpopped) and taped a note on it that said. "Just poppin in to visit" along with that I had photocopied that months message. - Karen Davis

Christmas Idea - At Christmas time I have gathered my visiting teaching sisters at my house. Along with my companion we have discussed the message, eaten some cake, shared some spiritual thoughts about the Savior at Christmas time and finished off with singing Christmas carols that lasts about an hour. This is a very relaxed but most uplifting and enjoyable time.

Set Goals - Set some easy visiting teaching goals with THIS yearly planner

Give Out Your Number - Here are some cards to fill out and give to the people you visit on your visiting teaching route. There is a place for each visiting teacher to write their name and telephone number. Card 1, Card 2, Card 3, Card 4.

Crunch Bar Fun - I got a crunch bar and made a wrapper for it that said. If you're ever in a CRUNCH, call on us. Then I put our name and phone number on the back.-  Sharon

Give Something Creative - When I go and visit my sisters, I try to either give them a little treat that matches the lesson in the Ensign. If the talk is about repentance, I will give them a sticky candy, and write, "Dont get caught in a sticky situation." Or, I give them treats according to what is going on that month. Example: September, I dry apples and put them in a clear gift bag, December, I put some cocoa, cookies, and a book to read in a basket, and write my testimony on a card for them to read. - Lynnette Schetselaar

Keep the Numbers Handy - Print these out, fill them in, (laminate them if you can) and keep them on the fridge. Printout 1 (flowers), Printout 2 (ladybug). - Marci Stevens

Be a Friend - I have always tried as a visiting teacher to become that sister's friend. How do you do that? Get to know them!! Find out their likes and dislikes...memorize their children's names (if they have any). Invite them over for lunch or dinner or a game night! Call them throughout the month to let them know you are thinking of them... not just when you are going to set up a visiting teaching appointment! That makes them feel special. I also like to make goodies for them ever so often and drop it by to them. Drop a note in the mail letting them know you are thinking of them!! Do not watch your watch when you are visiting them!! Take time to actually visit with them! - Lisa

Luncheon - My visiting teacher is from Korea. She planned a luncheon in her home for the people she visits and her visiting teachers. She shared some of her culture and talents with us by cooking Korean food. A good way to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.

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