Ward Activities

Pig Out -  Everyone prepares and brings their very best recipe (think ultimate potluck). After, everyone votes by secret ballot what the most delicious item was. The winner gets to autograph a hideous pig trophy and the trophy lives in the bishop's office.

Ward No-Talent Show! - Have families prepare a short skit or musical number using as little talent as needed. No pressure but tons of fun.

Christmas Breakfast (at night) - Instead of having a ward Christmas Dinner... we have a ward Christmas Breakfast but at night and a few weeks before Christmas. We all wear modest pajamas/robes and slippers and eat breakfast food like pancakes, sausages, potatoes, eggs, fruit, and juice. After we eat, we of course sing Christmas songs and talk about the Savior. Then at the end we have Santa come and the kids get their pictures with him. It's so cute seeing the kids in their pajamas with Santa and seems like an appropriate Santa picture for Christmas. - Brittney

Car Show - We had a car show in late spring. We invited the neighborhood whatever had an engine in at and whatever age. We had tractors (and vintage tractors), brand new trucks, old vintage cars and motorcycles. We served grilled hot dogs and root beer floats. The activity brought out the whole neighborhood. this has been very successful for our ward. - Marianne L. Dunn

4th of July Breakfast
- Meet in the morning with a short patriotic flag ceremony performed by the scouts. In the past our bishopric has cooked breakfast outside and we eat inside. This year we will be doing other activities as well, like games outdoors for the whole family, and maybe face painting for the children (or adults!)

Ward Movie Night - We had a Ward Movie Night where we picked two approved movies, a children's movie and one for the older children/adults that would not be interested in seeing the children's movie. We had two rooms set up as the theater, with signs on the doors stating THEATER ONE - NOW SHOWING...etc. We had given out 4 concession stand tickets to everyone who came through the door to redeem at our concession stand where we had bags of popcorn, m&m's, rice crispy treats, raisins, ring pops and we had asked the families to bring their favorite drink to share. This was a HIT! Even the senior members of the Ward got excited over spending their tickets at the stand...we gave our concession stand a cute name. A local video store donated the rental of one of the movies, and donated free movie rentals as well. The other movie was ours. It was a great night with a lot of laughing and fun.

Family History Dinner - We recently held a Family History Party. We invited each member of the ward to bring a family history picture in a frame that we used as a table centerpiece. We then carefully numbered each picture and had a blank game card with the same numbers and blank spaces. Guests then had to guess who's family the picture belonged to. This held a two fold purpose; it got the guests mingling and moving from table to table meeting other people instead of staying at one table and sticking with people they knew. It also was extremely fun to see all the old photographs, and got people motivated about family history work! - Ruthann Sanders

Chili Cook Off  - Have each family make their favorite Chili recipe and then have impartial judges choose the best three recipes. Or you could have different catagories: hottest, tastes most like canned, etc. Enjoy the chili and have entertainment (guitar, sing along etc.) Give a golden spoon to the winner and let them keep it until the next Cook Off.

Ward Christmas Program - Here is a program submitted by Kimberly Cole.

Ward Luau

Community Halloween Party

Emergency Preparedness Day - Plan classes that people can choose from, some of the ideas you caould have are: 72 hour kits, financial security, fire escape, turning off gas and water, etc.

Financial Preparedness Day
- Like that above but have only financial classes. For example: Getting out of debt, retirement, planning a will, investing, saving, missionary prep, college prep, etc.

Linger Longer - everyone stays after church to socialize

Dinner Club - Separate all those who want to into groups of eight and have them rotate houses where dinner is served.

Pie and Ice-cream Social - at the park

Dominoes Tournament

Ward Campout

A Dinner Just for Adults - Collect pictures of them in high school and have everyone guess who they are.

Ward Christmas Party - Have a the children go  from room to room with scenes from the nativity, and have each group tell who they are. Have the rooms decorated appropriately. some ideas are: shepherds, wise men, Herod, angel, innkeeper, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, etc. Have each room give out something that represents who they are. Have them keep in character at all times.

Trunk-or-Treat  - It's pretty much like a Fall Festival but after having the games for a couple of hours then have the trunk or treat. Every family who signs up brings their vehicle and opens the trunk and decorates it in any way. (The vehicles are parked in a designated area of the parking lot.) After the games and booths and what-not, the kids can then go to the assigned area to "trunk or treat" (trick or treating at the trunk of someone's car instead of home) It was lots of fun. The youth were in charge of the different booths and games before hand. They also had hot dogs and chili for supper at the start of the activity.


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