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P Party - Our ward once had a personal progress party and the theme was "P"! The person to bring the most items that began with "P" won a jar of peanut butter, the most creative items brought won a party hat and things like that. We all wore pajamas and talked about how important personal progress is. To show how important it is, we split up into groups with each group assigned a value and each group also was given a bag with random items inside. We put together some skits and performed them for each other. We also had dinner where all of the food items began with "P". It was a blast and I recommend it to every Young Women's group to try it out. - Heather

M&M Bowling - Go to a bowling alley. Buy some M&M's at the concession stand. Get all your stuff ready for bowling. Open the bag. Assign each color a technique (granny, backwards, eyes closed, etc.) Have a girl pick out a M&M and depending on which color she gets, she has to bowl that way. Eat the M&M's. - McKenna

Scavenger hunt! Go to a busy location and find a couple that have been married for 60 years and what is key to a happy marriage, or see a couple that have been married for less than 2 years and ask them what their favorite date was, ect. have them write answers and take pictures for prove they were there! great for ym and yw activity! - Stephanie

Service Project During Class - if you have a lesson on Sunday about service, have the class do a humanity service while teaching the lesson. - Elizabeth

80s Night - Our ladies dress up in the most '80s style clothing they can find and we watch movies from the '802. TONS of fun!

Spa Night - Go online and find lip balm recipes, face mask recipes, and other things you could make to enhance your beauty. Teach the girls about how to learn to make things so you can save money or the importance of staying clean and beautiful. - Hannah

Where's Waldo? -  We went to the mall and some members from out ward were hiding and we walked around the mall and went looking for the members. when we would find them we would receive a paper giving a clue of where another person was. It was very fun ! - Liliana

Value Bracelets - Buy beads with all the colors, elastic string, and crimp beads. Everyone will have fun making these bracelets. - Camille

Atonement Book - WE made a kind of scrapbook with the story of our savior, and the atonement. We did a few for the inactive girls. It was a lot of fun. You can use graphics and pictures to show the great miracles that the savior did on

Clothes Exchange - This can be fun as the whole Young Women (Beehives, Mia Maids and Laurels.) Have the Young Women bring any of the clothes that don't fit them shoes, pants, shirts, jewelry, jackets, and put them on tables and then have them shop around for what they want from others. You can connect this to how modesty is important. We did this activity in my Young Women's activity and the girls LOVED and are looking forward to next time.

Ice Blocking- I'm a beehive and this was such a fun activity! Ice blocking is when you get blocks of ice, and slide down hills on them! You can buy ice blocks at grocery stores cheap. You need to bring towels to sit on, and you need to find a pretty steep hill. (A good idea would be to bring some band-aids I got a few minor cuts and scrapes.) - Miranda

Service Shopping - Find a shelter where mothers and their children are in need. Get the girls and go shopping for some cheap but great gifts for the mother and their children! It is a very fun activity and helps us realize how fortunate we are for everything we have. - Natalie

Black Light Volleyball - J

Modesty Activity - We split up into two teams and had to make two outfits, one modest and one not.(Kept your clothes on underneath!:) The leaders brought the supplies, which were stuff like wrapping paper, newspaper, ribbons, tape and scissors. It was really fun and you had to be very creative!

Target Scavenger Hunt - I'm a beehive and I came up with a fun activity where I made a list of 50 random items, some silly some serious and we split into 3 teams of 3 kids and 2 leaders and each group had a camera. We went into Target and had a time limit to race around the store, find the items on the list and had to take a picture of it with at least 2 people in the picture at the end we compared scores and went to Baskin Robins on their $1 per scoop night and the winning team got an extra scoop. Though there was not an obvious spiritual point to it all of the YW and YM had a blast!

Raider of the Lost ARTs- We did a raiders of the lost arts where we developed talents with older sisiters in the ward its really really fun! - Sarah

Prayer Lesson - I rewrote the poem "Prayer Rock." I told my laurels that when they were young praying morning and night was probably enough, but the way the world is today they needed to have access all the time and I thought that they could all relate to a cell phone, so I wrote THIS poem and attached a dollar store cell phone. - Rhonda Shawver

The Skittles Game - Have a leader take a bowl full of two or three bags of skittles. Have the yw sit down and hold the bowl of skittles over there head. Each girl takes two skittles. If they are the same color you can chew them up and swallow, it if not you have to hold them in your mouth and you can't chew again until you get another two of the same color. Keep going around until the bowl is empty. It is so much fun and its looks so funny when everyone has a mouth full of skittles

Heart Attack! - For Valentine's day give heart attacks to some of the less active young woman in the ward. All you need to do is put cookies, candy or whatever fun valentine's day stuff on a paper plate and decorate with paper hearts. Drive or walk up to the home and ring the doorbell and RUN!!! or don't run if you like to chat. - Katie

Letter Nights - Letter nights are always fun.  We have had a "P" night - pillows, pickles and peanut butter. We've also had a "T" night t-shirts, taffy and turtles

Blanket Service - Every month we do a service project. Since I work at a hospital I thought it would be nice for the YW to help in some way. We decided to make fleece blankets for all the preemie babies in the nursery. We provided the fleece and had the YW cut and tie the blankets during the activity. The blankets provided a service to all the parents whose babies were away from them and it also provided a keepsake to take home. We ran out of blankets quickly so it has become a regular service activity for us.

Modesty Night - Our young women leaders had a night they called "Have integrity by wearing modest prom dresses" We went to a prom and bridal shop and tried on modest dresses... it was so much fun. - Alex

Human Foosball  - We got white plumbing pipes at a hardware store and bought enough to have 6-8 rows. You can fit 2-3 per pipe. So, the first row would have three pipes that are connected, the next row would have two pipes and the last row would have three pipes. You do this on each side of the gym. They can only use there legs and heads and must hold on to the pipe at all times. They had so much fun and we play quite a bit. - Shannon

Glow in the Dark Basketball - We actually bought a ball that glows. They also have footballs, volleyballs, and others. They have them at Target. We also got glow in the dark necklaces. It was a blast!! - Shannon

Skin Care - Find someone in your ward who can hold a "non-promoting" skin care class. Usually there is at least one person in the ward who knows how to do this. Color isn't suggested, just proper skin care. The girls have a lot of fun learning the proper way to keep the skin on their face clean and cared for. They find it's really important, easy, and doesn't take a lot of time to do. Time permitting, incorporate a quick mini manicure and/or pedicure to round out the evening. If there is enough time the older girls (Laurels) may enjoy using very little light color application after the skin class. This is a fun activity for YW overnighters too. - Audrey

Invite the 11-Year-Olds - We had our 11 year olds combine an activity with the Beehives. They made Rosettes. It was fun and delicious. The YW Presidency also invited the 11 year olds to New Beginnings. To welcome them into the YW program when they turn 12. They had a great time.

$4 Dinner - Ok, this one is good to do for a class activity. So you start out with a budget of like $20. Then you split into groups of four. Give each group about $4 and tell them to each find a different category of food. Like appetizer, fruit/salad, main course and dessert. And then you go to the store and each group finds something that fits in their category. Give them about fifteen minutes to shop. Then you go to a kitchen and prepare the food and then have a really fancy dinner! It was a lot of fun. I did it in my beehives class. It can also help with personal progress. - Ashley

Movie Night - Have Everyone bring their pillows and blankets, and wear their PJ'S. Lay your blankets and pillows in the gym and lay down! ( you might want to set a really soft thing underneath if your gym floor is hard.) Watch the Work And The Glory on a projector! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! - Broc

Go Ice Skating! - We did & everyone can't wait to go again! - Haley

Glow in the Dark Volleyball (or basketball) -  You set up the net and get lots of glow-in-the-dark necklaces... put them around the volleyball and give all the youth one, also hang some on the top of the net. This also works great for basketball!- Emma

Tie-Dye - Have everyone bring a T-shirt, (or any other white clothing, socks, boxers for pajama's, etc) and tie die them. You can usually purchase the tie-dye kits at Wal-Mart.

Cake Decorating - Learn how to cake decorate and at the end invite young men to help eat the cakes. Or you can give them to bishopric and a card thanking them for their work

Travel the World - Try this fun activity and learn about other cultures.

Photo Lab - We had an activity where we took pictures and then developed them in a photo lab (of course you have to know someone with access to a lab).

Homemade Salsa - We barbequed tomatoes and jalapenos and made our own salsa. we put them in Gladware so the girls could take some home. they loved it! - Caryn Stapp

Missionary Packages - Write letters and send a care package to the missionaries serving from your ward.

Respecting the Flag - Learn how to fold and take care of the flag.

Patriotic songs - Learn some patriotic songs. Or learn about one song, the writer, what the history of it is, etc. Make a nice printout of the song that they can hang in their room.

Missionary Night - give the girls a missionary experience with this cool activity

Tag  - Check out our TAG games, in our kids section. Try and play 10 at your activity. Decide which one you like the best.

Babysitting Fun - Have a fun activity making a babysitting box. Have all the girls bring a shoebox and fill it with fun things for babysitting. Make copies of this questionnaire for them to take to there babysitting jobs. Have them make some board games for the kids from our Table Game section (Monster Mix-up is a huge hit with kids!). think of some other stuff they could put in the box, like clay (washable), or small toys.

Art Appreciation - Have a class about art. do a short lesson about an artist and then do a project using that artists techniques.

Cultural Night - Have everyone bring a food and some other things from their own culture (or one they choose). Have them tell about it. Eat the good food.

Time Capsule - Have the Beehives make a time capsule. Put in letters, newspapers, THIS letter (filled out), pictures, etc. Put it away and open it when they graduate high school.

Scrapbooking Class - Have someone in your ward, or have a teacher from a scrapbooking store come and teach a class on fun scrapbooking techniques. Be sure to have all the girls bring some pictures to scrapbook with.

Calligraphy - Have someone come and teach the girls calligraphy, or other fun handwriting styles.

Krazy Hair - This is mostly for Young Women at a sleep over or just for fun. 1. Locate some hair bows, scrunchies, clips, and all the good stuff. :) 2. Next get blindfolds for the contestants. 3. Have another friend tie the blindfold on, and get behind them. 4. Next make the kraziest hair-style you can think of. 5. Take the blindfold off and have a contest for the krazyiest hair do's. I did this at my party and it was phunny! It's really fun too. -Mary Rose

Mentor Night - Our most successful activity was a mentors night. The week before all of the YW picked out an elderly woman form the ward who taught them something (to weave a rug, scrapbook, sew, cook, etc.). The next week we put on a dinner where they either told about or displayed what they worked on with their mentors there. It was a huge hit and I think it will help with the transition into Relief Society if they have someone there they feel comfortable with. - Sarah Dearden

Serve the Primary Girls -  For one activity, brainstorm and come up with fun activities to do with primary children. Do their hair, their make up, their fingernails, etc. (for a twist, maybe let the little girls do all these things to the young women) Put together fun activities like making bracelets or drawing a picture, so the next activity the primary children will have fun seeing what the older girls do, and the older girls will have fun with the younger girls. - Katie

P-night - All the young women come in their pj's and bring a pillow and you eat peanut butter and peanuts and popcorn and anything that starts with p that you can think of and you work on personal progress. it is lots of fun. - Jess

Yoga and Meditation - Heather 15

Luau - Have a luau!! it is lots of fun! my ward just had this activity last week!!! - Chelsey


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