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Envelope Pass-off -
This is a great way for children to learn about the Gospel. Place 20-30 envelopes on a wall or door in the house. Place a prize in each envelope (certificates for prizes, money, etc.). Write on the outside of each envelope a different task. (memorize a scripture, do a service, read all of Moroni, learn and tell a story about a prophet, draw a picture of a story in the Book of Mormon, etc). Don't let them open the envelope until they have completed the task. You can have a section for younger kids, and older kids and don't forget, the harder the task the better the prize.

Scripture Wheel - Here is a good way for children to get excited about nightly scripture reading. If the children have participated (asking questions and making comments) during the scripture reading then they get to spin the "Scripture Wheel". You can make your own wheel out of wood, (or draw out of a "Scripture hat"), or whatever. Some ideas to put on the scripture wheel are: Dad reads everyone a book, Pillow Fight, Blanket Rides, Mom picks a chore (you have to have a few bad ones), tickle monster, read one more verse, Flashlight night (no more lights on for the rest of the night, only flashlights), one dollar, no talking for the rest of the night, pick any one but money, spin again. 

Conference Bingo - Put church words (like sacrament, prayer, etc) on a bingo card, and use them for family home evening, or conference. It is a fun idea for kids and parents. If you win you get a treat. It helps kids not be bored during conference and listen to what they say during conference. You should do it!!!!!!!!! - Daryl Waite

Scripture Theatre - Pick and read a story you want to act out with your family. Highlight in advance so that you don't get stuck looking for important part midway through your play. Then, after you have gotten any necessary props ( such as socks to throw at Samuel the Lamanite on the wall) pick who will act which person in the story and begin to read your highlighted version while it is acted out. Kids grasp the stories so much better because they are a part of them - Hilary

Articles of Faith - In order to help our children remember the Articles of Faith, we "spotlight" one a month. We have it posted on the wall by our dinning room table and we say it together as a family before we say the blessing. We also say it every morning before we leave the house. My husband prints out the A of F that we are working on and each child gets to hand up their own copy somewhere that is important to them (by their bed, on the bathroom mirror, on the closet door, on the refrigerator, etc.) It has helped our Activity Day Girls pass off their A of F, which is a requirement, and we have fun as a family learning them too. - Brenda

Scripture Memory - Memorize a scripture a month, as a family. Say it every day as a group after or before family prayer.

Write a Personal History - Use all (or some) of these questions to do your family history. Make it a family project who can get done first.

Visit the Temple - the temple is a few hours away from us, so we make a day of it and take the kids to that area, plan some activities during the day, and take them to the temple at night. they love going to the temple and seeing it all lit up at night.

Church Historical Sites - Plan a trip to see one or some of the church historical sites. When visiting these sites the children realize the importance of the Gospel and how real our Mormon heritage is. (See the LDS Travel Section)

Family History Day - Plan a day to work on family history. Take the family to the nearest family history center, teach them how to research their past and why it is important. Check out the Family History Lesson on Family Home Evening Lessons Page for printable forms for the kids to fill out)

Scripture Scattegories - This little game has really energized our scripture reading. Immediately after you finish reading your scriptures as a family, you call on a family member to pick a number between 1 and 26. Each number correlates to a letter of the alphabet (i.e.. 1=a, 2=b, 3=c, and so forth). Divide the family into 2-3 groups/teams. Announce the letter that correlates to the number picked by the family member you called on. Then each team gets 30-60 seconds to come up with 3 words that start with that letter. Only rules are (1) it has to be a word that correlates to the recent scripture reading and (2) you can use any word that starts with that letter, but you have to be able to explain how the word relates to the scripture reading. It's a fun and challenging game for all ages. My husband and I have been pleasantly surprised by the words our children (ages 1-13) come up with. In addition, it's a great way for children to remember what was read. Enjoy! - Linda K. from SLC, Utah

Family Prayer Fun - Every night after family prayer there are three different things we can pick from to end the night. The first is group hug, the second is what we call "Group roll up" were everyone holds hands in a line standing (we as parents are usually still on our knees because we have young kids). Whoever is at the end starts rolling up into the next person and so on. Mom and dad are usually last since they are on their knees. It is a fun way to do a group hug. the third thing we can choose is the "Family Cheer" where we take turns putting our hands into the circle and yell "Go-o-o Smiths!" (or whatever your last name is).


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