Indoor Fun

Getting to Know You -  Hand out blank pieces of papers to everyone in the family. Have each person write a question on their piece of paper that everyone else in the family will answer (i.e. What is your favorite food?). Then rotate papers and answer the questions until you get your own paper back. Then take turns reading from your own paper the responses of other family members. Repeat the activity as many times as you want. You may have to help the younger children, although they will usually have the best questions and answers.- Dave Larson

Sock Tag - First you need more than one pairs of socks. Than get two to howevermany players you want, then put the socks on, but only to your ankles. Then try and take off peoples socks by using your feet. Try not to get both of your socks off. The last person who has her/his sock or socks on wins. It is fun when you keep score!!! - Megan

Upset the Fruit Basket -  Have group sit in a circle. Make sure each seat is clearly marked-- use chairs or mark places with tape. "Number" people off, but instead of saying, "one, two, three, four, five" say "apple, banana, orange, kiwi, peach" or whatever fruit you like. The more people you have, the more groups you may want. The last person is "It" and stands in the center of the circle. "The person in the middle" yells out a fruit name. Everyone with that name must exchange seats with someone else with that name. "The person in the middle" tries to take one of the empty chairs before they are all taken. Whoever is left without a chair is "It". Rather than yelling a fruit name, "The person in the middle" may yell "Upset The Fruit Basket." Everyone must change seats. Who ever is left is ( IT). - Sharon

Cooking from the Past - Cook a old recipe from the past, from scratch. Show the kids how, let them do the cooking. Injoy the food together as a family. Give thanks to those before us.- Jennie .J .Anderson

Dark Hide-and-Go-Seek - This game is meant to be played at night with all the house lights turned off. You'll need a flashlight for the seeker. It's just like hide and go seek. If you want to, you can say "BOO!" or something like that. This game has extreme suspense! - Nicholas

Forts and Tunnels - forts and tunnels are easy and fun way to spend some time with the kids. All is takes is some blankets/sheets and maybe some chairs.  Cover tables, chairs with blankets, use whatever you have, clothes pins, books and other household items can be used to keep blankets up. Flashlights are and added bonus, if you have one around that you could use. 

Dinner Music - Every night at dinner turn on the classical music. It give the children (and adults) a chance to listen get exposed to the great composers. As the children what story they think of when they here the music. (contributed by Kim Foster)

Indoor Picnic - We loved indoor picnics at my house. We got the blanket out and all. The best meals were the finger foods, (Kentucky Fried Chicken, BLT's, etc). (Contributed by Christine Jensen)

Make a Submarine - Gather some big boxes, cut and tape them together to make a submarine. If you want to get real fancy, purchase two small mirrors at a craft store and place them in a empty saran wrap box to make a real periscope.

Listen to Records - We found some old records at a garage sale and invited some friends to come over and listen to them, like in the old days. My husband thought I was nuts, but we had SO much fun, he said it was the most fun he had had in a long time. The records aren't necessary though, there are lots of CD's of the 80's, 70's, etc.

The Ultimate Hide and Seek - The kids love this one!

Rubber Band Fights - Put on eye protection and have a rubber band fight. (buy a big bag at Wal Mart for Cheap).

Sock Catcher - A great game to play indoors anytime. -  Stephen Jensen

Finger painting - It seems to be such a forgotten art. We love to sit as a family (even our 10 mnth old) and just get messy and have fun. Be sure to use washable paint. Picking a theme, using one large paper or passing individual papers every 30 seconds can make it more interesting. - Roxanne

Indoor Scavenger Hunt - Grab a bag for this simple but exciting game!

"Movie Theater" Night  - We put a big blanket on the floor in the living room and eat lots of popcorn, snacks, and drink juice boxes while watching a rented family video. Be sure to turn out the lights and close the blinds like a theater! The kids get such a kick out of it, and it's cheap for Mom and Dad - Kari Pollock

Cotton Ball Throw - We buy a couple of big bags of cotton balls, then divide the room in two, with tape or a rope on the ground. Then we place cotton balls on each side and divide into teams. Then we throw the cotton balls on the other teams side. Give however much time you want to decide which team wins (has the least cotton balls on their side). We had a lot of fun with this one! AJ,  age 9

Foot Volleyball- On the rainy days set up a string across a big room maybe a couple feet off the ground. divide into teams. Blow up a balloon or get a soft ball. Each team gets on a separate side of the string. Toss the ball up and play volleyball.

Crafts and Stories - Make crafts or tell stories - Alyson

Four Square Fun - We love to move the kitchen table and tape down yarn to make a 4 square grid. Then we have 4 square tournaments. The neighbor kids love it also...(It works well in the garage too) - Sara Visser

Balloon Volleyball - Divided the family into two teams. Make lines with tape in a big open room to separate the two teams sides. Have fun hitting a balloon back and forth to see who can get the most points. - Syd

Stations - Set up little work stations for littler kids and have the grown up's be their partner's and go around and make the station's educational or fun and so they have fun and they are being educated. - Tori Vidmar

Family Wrestling Match - You can only use your feet.  Kids will think that its corny at first. Then when they see how hard it is they will go for the challenge - Emily Emmett

Hide the Thimble - Pick one room in your house. Take a small object (a thimble) and have every one go to a different room while one person hides the object. When you find it you yell or say "I spy the thimble" and sit down somewhere. After every one finds it the first person that found it hides it next.- Kaeden Jacobs

Blanket Ride - All you need is a wood floor, a jump rope, and a blanket. Take one child at a time and slide them across the floor holding the rope. This game is hours of fun - Coulette Green

Toss the Ball - I home school four children grades from Pre-k thru High school. There are moments when cabin fever sets in and we hit a dry hump in our schooling to ease the boredom and really test how far they have come along, I play a game of almost hot potato. A game with a simple blinking ball I purchased at the dollar store. I start off with the first State ( alphabetically at first) then throw the ball to a child, they have to get the next state right and throw it to the next child before th lights stop blinking. It's so much fun because it proves to them they are learning and it makes for fun testing. Do the alphabet backwards, that one is exciting. It works for the elements too. The little one just loves to throw the ball. - Michelle Medina



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