Other Fun Activities

Vacation Journaling -  We went to Yellowstone last summer. Each day, we purchased a new postcard showing where we had visited or traveled that day. Then we let a different child choose what they wanted to remember about that day, journal it on the back of the postcard, address it to themselves and then mail it. It was great to return home and receive the postcards in the mail, and an even better way to remember what we had done when it came time to scrapbook the photos, and catch up on our journals! The kids know which postcards "belong" to them! - Lori

Slave Day (A Good Reward for Finishing the Book of Mormon or another family goal) - Arrange a day for the kids in which you serve them. Do for them what ever they want (within reason). Give them a certain amount of money to spend if possible, for them to budget for the day. Then it is up to them. Some things they might have you do are: Take them to a movie, clean there room, out to eat, etc, let the kids be in charge.

Make up a Song - There are many reasons to make up a song. To make work easier, to bring a family closer together, to make an event specials. We already do it at birthdays, how about one for each time you eat raviolis or go out for ice-cream?

Special Campouts - Plan a special family campout, have all the women go, and the men babysit for the weekend, or visa versa with a fishing trip. Plan some games and activities for the trip.  At our all girls campout we had everyone bring a surprise for everyone, someone brought a story to read while we wore mud masks with cucumber on our eyes, another persons surprise was doing MadLibs.

10 Miles for $10.00 - This is great for one on one time for the kids. You will take them as far as they want to go and as much as they want to spend (as long as it is within 10 miles and the $10.00 spending limit.)

Family Coordinators - Helps everyone in the family feel important and take responsibility for a project. Even the youngest children can be coordinators. Give everyone in the family a responsibility, report at Family Home Evenings or on Sundays, etc. Rotate the assignments every few months. Here are some of the assignments that can be given: FHE coordinator (make sure everyone knows their assignments), service coordinator (plan service activities for the family), scripture reading coordinator (make sure the family is reading together). Family activities coordinator. Make up some of your own.

Historic Fun - To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the city, we set out on a journey to find old places of historical significance. In an effort to personalize it, we went through my Grandmother's papers (she spent most of her life in the City) and found places that were important to her such as old homes, elementary school to accompany her old report cards from 1924. We had a lot of fun and the children learned more about their Great-Grandma and the place we live. We are making a scrapbook for our oldest Cub pack (and he completed two badge requirements in the process.) - Brenda Wright

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