Steel the Flag

six flags (sticks or rocks or rags, etc.)
rope or garden hose
Players - can do it with 8 but more fun with 10+
a big area (front or back yard, park)

First place the hose down the middle of the area. Split into two even teams. (speed and strength are important.). Each Team assigns a guard to the flags (can't touch them, sit on them etc.) and someone to the jail (once you have obtained prisoners). Then the game begins:

The object of the game is to obtain all the other teams flags or get all the other team in your jail.

There are two ways to obtain people. Pull them over to your side, or tag them when they are fully on your side (if their finger or toe is on their side, it doesn't count).

Jail - Once your team tags or pulls over someone on the other team, they have to go to your jail. It is a good idea to have them touch something, a tree wall etc. They can only be released if tagged by one of their free team members. Prisoners can hold hands and spread out, as long as one of them is touching or in the prison. If they are touching each other, the person coming to free them only has to touch one for all of them all to go free. If they get tagged running to their side after being freed, they go back to jail. Sometimes someone will come tag a group and only a few will get back free.

Flags - Anyone can go on the opposing teams side as long as they don't get tagged. Each team tries to get passed the guard in order to get there flags. A player can only take one flag at a time. When you get a flag from the other team, you put it with your flag (it can be stolen back).

Most people stand close to the line, waiting for a chance to pull someone over (be careful with this to avoid injury, sometimes both teams will be pulling on one person), or a chance to steal a flag or free prisoners.