Travel Journal

This travel journal can be put together using whatever pages you like. If traveling with your family, print out enough pages for each person. To make it fun, hand out the pages one at a time at different places and different ones to each person, so you get different things in everyone's book. If on a long trip, you can give one page out a day, or on a short trip, one an hour. Be creative!

Cut these pages out around the green lines. How you put the book together is up to you. You can use staples, or punch holes and use string, or whatever other way you like.

Page 1 - Opening page
Page 2 - Draw a Picture
Page 3 - Conversation
Page 4 - Write a poem
Page 5 - Weather
Page 6 - Collect something envelope (part1)
Page 7 - Collect something envelope - part 2 (cut this out and glue it over the red lines in part one)
Page 8 - Experiences
Page 9 - Favorite part of the trip
Page 10 - Blank pages