Family Service Activities

Service Scavenger Hunt- Make a list of chores that you can do in a few minutes. Include things like wash a window, take out the trash, sweep the porch. We also put on our list sing a song or read a story. We either play beat the clock or team up with another family and race. We go around the neighborhood and ask our neighbors which job we can do for them. Meet back at the house for ice cream. - Denise

For the Neighbors - Go plant flowers at a local residents home or decorate their home for the holidays. - Hannah

Hot chocolate Stand - Do in winter A hot chocolate stand. Donate the money to a good cause - Nichole

Waste Walk - Whenever my three year old and I go for walks, we take a plastic bag and pick up all the garbage along the way. It is a great service and it teaches her not to litter. - Jamie M.

Cook with the Kids - Every time my mom made dinner for someone (if they had a baby, were sick, etc.), she always involved me and let me know we were doing it for someone else. It helped me to realize that it was important to serve others. (Contributed by Christine Jensen)

Family Fun Speed Cleaning - Have the family break up into two person teams. Break the house into stations (i.e. kitchen, kids bathroom+hall, family room, laundry area, etc). We have ten rooms total in our house, so we have ten stations. Set the timer for 5 minutes. Each team picks a station then Ďspeedí cleans it for 5 minutes. At the buzzer, the team must change stations (very difficult for mom). Each team must reach every station. In our house it takes about an hour to hit all the stations, and every room has been cleaned by three teams. The house is usually spotless, and if the house wasnít too messy to begin with, it very clean too! (Contributed by Caryn Stapp)]

Support a Missionary - Many missionaries need financial support. Others need moral support. Let the family be a part of your service. Make it a family goal to support a missionary. Make a piggy bank for the kids to contribute or spend each Sunday writing a letter.

Visit the Lonely - It is a great idea to visit a nursing home when it is not a holiday. There are usually lots of visitors during the holiday season but many have no visitors during the year.

Family Clean Up - Find a place in your neighborhood or a park, that needs cleaning up. Get some disposable gloves and trash bags. Take the family out and clean the area. Let the family know how good it feels to keep our neighborhoods clean.

Do Someone else's assigned chores.

The Bishop Knows - Often the Bishop knows who in the ward is in need. Talk to him and see if there is an elderly or sick person in the ward who might need your families help.

Another Speed Cleaning  Game (Jail) - Mom or Dad are the people who capture the kids and put them in jail (the couch). If this happens the kids must clean 10-20 items. The kids get back into the game by finishing picking up their 10-20 things All the beds in the house are safe bases. After all the things are picked up the kids always still want to play and we can give them any assignment to keep playing. Dusting vacuuming, massaging my feet. We have found that our house gets clean and we get lean in about 15 minutes. When the neighbor kids come over they want to play Jail. (Stephen Jensen)

Mow a Friends Lawn when they aren't home!

Clean a Siblings Room when they are in the shower or bath

Serve the Bishop - We painted the bishops house when they went on vacation for a week. All his neighbors pitched in.

Have the kids in bed - BEFORE your wife gets home.

Snowman Surprise - Make a greeting snowman on someone's porch. This is especially fun if there is no snow in town (Take a truck to the nearest snow and fill up the back,  if available).

Neighborhood Shovel - During the winter, gather some kids from your neighborhood and have a surprise shovel party. Have the kids bring shovels and shovel an elderly persons drive! You can go door to door. Have a Pizza Party afterwards! - Maris

Put on a Play! - Gather up some friends, pick out a play and dress up like the characters! Make scripts for the characters and highlight their parts! - Nicole Anderson

The LDS Foundation - Check here for service ideas. A great website sponsored by the church!,6892,407-1,00.html . Make a goal as a family to save or work on a project for the church.

Reading to a Resident - My elementary age children, as part of their home work assignments, are required to read 10 to 30 min each night. About once a week we all pile into the car and go to a near by nursing home and they do their reading to a resident. We usually end up with a group all wanting to listen and the comments from the people are so enthusiastic that it is one of the kids favorite family home evening activities. They usually read way beyond their time limit and have fun picking stories that they think the people will enjoy. - Judy near Seattle

Baby Sit - Baby sit when the parents are gone or home. Lighten their burdens. Do it without pay. - Syd

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