Family Home Evening Tips
Here are some ideas for having a great family Home evening.

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Family Journal - When I was growing up we would have a Family Night Journal that we would write in every week. We assigned someone to be the Secretary for the night and they would write Date, old business, new business opening prayer song and the lesson main idea. closing song and prayer and who was in attendance. Several years later we have enjoyed looking back at what we did, our hand writing and misspelled words and had a good time. I have continued this with my kids and we have make many fun memories already.- Jan in Rexburg

Learn a Prophet - We do this once a month in our family. We take 1 whole month to learn about each of the prophets since my children are really young and it takes awhile for them to remember what we learned. But on our first lesson I buy a small index card size picture of that prophet and before F.H.E I hide it somewhere in the room. Then using the concept of the game Hot and Cold they have to SEEK the Prophet. Who ever finds it hides it somewhere else in the house and it continues until everyone has had a chance to SEEK the Prophet. We also do this during Easter Time when the Weather is nice outside, except we hide pictures of Jesus. It's a great way to teach small children about the Savior and his Servants.  - Christy Crocker

FHE "Electronics" Basket - When you have older kids, like teens, most are hard to motivated. I trick I learned is to show them you mean it, find a  bowl or container of some sort and have the put all extra little thing in it. Like for example, Cell phones, or any electronic. It works like a charm!- Jaycie

Pictures and Plays - For small children (6 and under) who are typically visually stimulated and highly interactive, we have found that they respond very well to lessons on the scriptures or Church topics when they have pictures to look at. For very young children (3 and under) we use the Church pictures that come in packs to illustrate the lesson. For example, in telling the story of the life of Christ we found a picture of Mary pregnant, Jesus as a baby, as a child, as an adult ministering to the Israelites, on the cross, being put in the tomb, and then the resurrected Lord followed by the First Vision to Joseph Smith. Our children can now tell the whole story because they have seen it with their own eyes. For older children we have found that they respond very well to acting out the stories. They love dressing up and pretending to be Adam or Moses or Laban and Nephi. Not only do they enjoy doing it but we as parents are often surprised by how much they retain when the scripture story is presented this way. Have fun! - Chris

Compliment Time - We have an open time period where anyone who has something kind, grateful, or something that they are proud of that person for, they are able to share it publicly with the family, which really brings the kids closer. - Carianne Bell

Candle Light Night - Sometimes on winter nights when we are caught without much time for FHE, we turn out all the lights and read a story out of the Friend or New Era by candle light. Then we do "Don't Eat Pete" as the activity, hot chocolate, popcorn or what ever is on hand for treat. The whole family loves our "spontaneous" candle nights. On more organized nights we also do dinner by candlelight. - Judy Near Seattle

Scripture Parables - When our children were teenagers--we sometimes combined Bible stories with similar, but modern parables, i.e. short stories about current day young people going through teenage trials of their own. These stories appeared in the New Era back in those days, and provided excellent material that a teen could present to the family when it was his or her turn. The story was read aloud and then discussed according to questions asked by the presenter. We all learned many things this way - Anne Bradshaw

Helping the Little Ones Learn - Since my children are very small and family home evening can be hard for them to sit through, I often make the activity and lesson one event. It also works well for snack and activity. It does cut down on FHE time, but my kids love it and they actually sit pay attention and tell me about the lesson later. Gina D.

Book of Mormon Prophets - This year we have chosen a Book of Mormon prophet to talk about each month. We talk about the story- what we can learn from it and do fun activities. This month our prophet is Samuel the Lamanite. It was very helpful because our son was very nervous to do his part for the primary program. It will also sets us up for the Christmas Holiday with the prophesies of Samuel. We also moved this past year and Nephi was our prophet of choice for the month. Our boys were able to relate to Nephi and we were grateful that we didn't have to walk to where we were going and that we were able to bring all of our stuff with us. It has really brought the characters in the scriptures to life. Because we spend more than one week on a story it really helps the kids to remember and keep the different stories straight. - Shanae' Jackson

Primary Songs - Have the kids learn a primary song and sing it for family night. - Faith

Memorizing as a family - Memorize a new hymn or scripture every month.

Everyone Included - Make sure everyone is included. Even the littlest kids can direct a song or help with a lesson.

FHE Banner - Make a family banner and put it on the wall for FHE. (Contributed by Skip Blair)

FHE Schedule - Is your Family Home Evening a bit unorganized? Click HERE for a, ready to print, Family Home Evening outline

Family Song - We end every Family Home Evening with a family song. We used The Eight Be's) from President Hinkley as a guide for the words we used. We picked a bit of a lively tune, to make it fun. The kids always remind us to sing it, even if we are somewhere else for Family Night.

Family Goals - Before the lesson is a good time to talk about Family Goals. Make goals such as: planning for a family trip, not yelling in the house (whoever does has to do ten jumping jacks, parent included), daily family scripture study, etc. Check on your progress each week.

FHE Lesson Exchange - (My husband loves this because the lessons are all ready, song, scripture, lesson, activity and treat ideas).I get together with eight other women in my ward for a FHE lesson exchange. We met and chose topics at the beginning of the year. We meet every 6 weeks. I make 9 lessons, of my assigned topic and keep one for myself. When I come home the night of our meeting, I have 9 new lessons. Be sure to agree on what is required so some aren't doing more work that others (Laminating? Cardstock? is the copy of a song required? a magnet on the back of the scripture?, etc)

Be an Example - Show your children how important FHE is by turning off the phone, the TV and computer. Have FHE every week, let them know that FHE is your first priority

"Family Home Evening Person" - Assign one child each week to remind everyone of their FHE duties. Sunday, after church is a good time for family members to prepare.

Stack of Songs - In order to have a song for Family Home Evening every week, get some index cards, write a song on each one (if your children are too small to read draw pictures). Put them in a special "Song Box" or just put a rubber band around them. Let a different person pick the song each week.

Pick a Prayer - Put everyone's name in a jar and on Monday or whatever day you have FHE pick a name and that's who says the prayer

The Family Home Evenings Singles Newsletter -  As a ward single adult leader, I have searched many topics in the scriptures and the Family Home Evening manual and wrote a question for each topic. Next, I formed a Family Home Evening newsletter that presents the topics and questions and included speakers where I felt the high priests could explain the topics further. I call my newsletter "The Family Home Evening Singles". Each Single Adult receives one and also the Bishop and the speakers. It can be modified for families as well. Meeting together each week has improved our happiness with the Savior's teachings and within ourselves. It has brought my ward's single adults together.  - Sister Nancy White

Make a Family Home Evening Book - check this for ideas on making a great book for your family with 15 lesson ideas -  Carol Blair

Pick a Prayer (Part 2) -  A twist we sometimes use on the, PICK A PRAYER (above) , is the name picked gets to choose who they would like to give the prayer. - Judy near Seattle

Music Ready - I typed up 30 songs from the Children's Song Book (one verse only),  put a number on each song, and stapled it together. I made one for each person in the family, and labeled them with a name of a family member on each. . The person in charge of music's job is to (first find them,) pass them out, pick a number, conduct and gather and put them away at the end. Even the three year old can be the music person. - Judy near Seattle

Sunday's Lesson on Monday - Have your young children take their turn teaching the lesson by having them teach the family what they learned in primary and/or Sunday school. Since FHE often falls on Monday it should still be fresh from their minds the previous Sunday! - Amy

Scheduling - FHE is a great time to take care of calendaring/scheduling items for the week ahead. After the opening song and prayer, get out the family calendar and let each person say what activities they have going on that week. Write down names and times of activities. Everyone will be aware of each others events and may even make time to support each other as a family.  - Kathleen

Games - Make sure that there is games for little kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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