Family Home Evening Treats
Here are some yummy treats for FHE. Some are to make with the family during FHE  and some are make ahead, but all are very simple and fun for kids with adult supervision.


 I planted a cherry tree 15 years ago when we first moved into our house and the 4th season I got my first cherry. Only one. On Sunday I went out it was just about ready to eat so I decided to cut it up into 4 pieces for our treat for family night. I planned a very eventful and organized ritual for the eating of this deep, red morsel. We got a plate a knife and marched out, in single file, for our harvest...
...Dang Bird!
                        -Stephen Jensen


Monkey Bread - Mix 1/3 C brown sugar, 1 T. water, 3 T. melted butter in a round glass bowl. Microwave for 2 min. Add 1 pkg. refrigerator biscuits onto mixture and place a small juice glass in center. Microwave 2 more min. Remove glass and invert onto serving plate. Serve warm by pulling sections apart. - Crystal Cummard

Marshmallow Puffs - Take a pkg. or refrigerator biscuits and pat each out flat, place a marshmallow in center and wrap up sealing the edges. Dip in melted butter, roll in cinnamon sugar. Put in muffin tin. Bake at 400 for 10-12 min. Eat 'em hot. - Crystal Cummard

Cantaloupe Bowls - Cut a cantaloupe in half and clean the inside then pour jello mix (already mixed up, I prefer orange) into the cantaloupe. The cantaloupe will work as a cute bowl. let it set then slice as you would normally. - Devin Jessup

Fruity Tuties- Get a bowl of ice-cream and add some of your favorite juice or soda. Enjoy! - Elyse Tonioli

Daddy Shake - it has frozen strawberries, one banana and milk or half-and-half. - Callie

Teddy Smores' - Roast a marshmallow. Put it on a graham cracker and put 4 chocolate teddy grahams on the marshmallow. Enjoy!

Easy Donuts - You will need: 1 can of Pillsbury biscuits or more depending on how many you want to make, and a Fry Daddy, or other similar deep-frying appliance. Take the biscuits out of the can and cut out the center of each biscuit. Fry donuts and holes in oil until golden brown. Drain on wire rack or cookie cooling rack. Top with glaze. Glaze: Powdered sugar and milk combined to desired consistency. Pour over hot donuts. These are best fresh. They do not re-heat well. - Janet Resse

Patty Cakes - First, get some soft tortillas and cheese. (refried beans if desired) Then, sprinkle cheese on top of a tortilla and put microwave for fifteen seconds or until cheese is melted. Cut like a pizza and enjoy! - Peytan

Temple Cake -  Make a cake (square is best) put 4 ice cream cones point up on the cake. these will be the pillars. then, put a little Moroni on top of one pillar. - Sara

Oreo Pie - It's easy, you just get chocolate pudding and Oreo's and whip cream. Crush the Oreo's up and put them on the bottom of a pan. Then put the pudding on top .then more crushed up Oreos. then put the whip cream on top and spread it out.-Clint Sorensen

Homemade Ice-cream Sandwiches - Yummy and easy. First make a box of brownies, any kind. Let cool and cut into squares. Take aluminum foil and put one brownie square on it add vanilla ice cream (or any flavor you like) and top with another brownie. Wrap up and put into freezer. Do this with all the brownies. After FHE serve.

Waffles and Ice Cream - You need ice cream in a box carton and waffles. Completely open ice cream box and slice it into 1/4 inch slices. Place slice of ice cream on one warm waffle and top with second warm waffle. Eat like a sandwich. Kids love these! - Sendai

Ice-cream Spiders! - Put 1 or 2 scoops of ice-cream in a cup fill with your favorite soft drink and enjoy! :-)-Amelia, Australia

Fondue Fun - Fondue is a really fun and yummy treat for FHE. If you don't have a fondue pot you can use a crock pot or something like a crock pot, on low heat. You can have either cheese fondue and dip bread chunks and veggies in it or have the obvious chocolate fondue, (either brown or white chocolate) and dip fruits and sponge cake chunks into that one. It's easy, inexpensive and fun! - Laura S.

Rice Crispy Treats - Take rice crispies and turn them into fun!!! Add food coloring for each season of the year or for any special occasion.

Nachos - Put corn chips on a cookie sheet and put on shredded cheese we like the four cheese blend the broil in the oven until the cheese is melted. don't bake it too long! hard cheese is not very good.

Banana Malts - First get a few bananas. (Buy more if you have a big family) Then, buy malt mix. Get some ice. Put all of these things into a blender, little by little. ENJOY!!!!!!! - Lindsay

Kid-Proof Sushi - To make kid proof sushi you must have fruit roll ups, a gummy bear and rice crispies, you can use store brand or homemade. Take the rice crispies and flaten it out but keep it in its shape. Then take 1 fruit roll up and cut it to the length of the crispy. Take a gummy and put it laying on 1 end of the crispy, then roll the crispy and eat it! - Alyssa Lumley

Colored Thick Shake - Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, food coloring (all different colors), vanilla, milk, and whip cream. Instructions: Plug in blender, fill blender up with enough ice cream for all, put vanilla and milk in. Blend it until it is mushy. Then in all the different corners of the blender put in the 4 different food colorings. Blend again (but only until the colors are swirly) pour into glass, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle. Then you have your loving desert! ♥ - Naomi

Home Made Oreos - A favorite of my family is a joyous mix. It's lots of fun to put together as well. Prepare one box of devils food cake. follow the recipe on back on how to prepare it for cookies. Place the dough/batter on a cookie sheet and cook for app. 10 minutes, (the back of the box should say exactly.) After the cookies are cooked and cooled, spread vanilla frosting on the flat side of each cookie and place to together!!!! ENJOY! - Brighton

Counter Sundaes - On the kitchen counter (kitchen table works, too), lay out wax paper and tape to counter. Scoop ice cream on counter and let kids add toppings, syrup, etc. After, eat straight off counter. Kids will love this!- Allison Chavez

Fruit-a-shoot-a : Put fruit into a bowl. add walnuts, and a pinch of sugar if you please. - Shaniqua

Microwave S’mores - Place two pieces of a Hershey’s candy bar on a graham cracker, then place a large marshmallow on each of the two pieces of candy bar and place in the microwave. Be sure not to over cook, you only need about 30 seconds. Its fun to watch the marshmallows expand. After you warm the chocolate and the mallows place another graham cracker on top and squish together. Let cool for a few moments and dive in………. - Keith G

Graham Crackers and Frosting - Get some graham crackers and your favorite frosting (or Nutella if available) It is fun to make and good to eat. (Make sure you have lots of milk to wash it down)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars - a make ahead treat, which requires no baking.

Milk Shakes - Just some ice cream and milk in a blender make a great milk shake. Our favorite is vanilla ice-cream, milk and Hershey's chocolate syrup. If you want a faster shake, stir with a spoon instead of using a blender. Not as smooth, but still tastes great!

Erica's Salsa - Use this delicious salsa with your favorite chips. 1 can (28 oz.) of diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro (1/5 of a bunch), 2 green onions, 1 tbls. sliced jalapeno peppers (from a jar), salt to taste. blend in blender. (add more or less onions and jalapenos for more spicy or less).

Homemade Ice Cream - We take turns turning the homemade ice cream maker and make delicious homemade ice cream.

Oreo Cheesecake Cups (makes 16) - Let the kids frost and put cookie crumbs on top of these delicious treats after family night. (prepare the cakes ahead of time).

Frozen Bananas - Freeze banana slices on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. (do early in the day) . Remove from freezer after family night and dip in melted chocolate and favorite toppings (nut, coconut, sprinkles, etc)

Rice Krispie Hearts - Use the recipe on the Rice Krispie Box (using marshmallow, Rice Krispies and butter). Spread out thin. After the treats have cooled, cut with a heart cookie cutter. Decorate them for family night with red hots or M&Ms if desired.

Triple Fun Banana Splits - Banana splits are fun to make. Get 3 kids of ice-cream, 3 kinds of toppings (chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, marshmallow, strawberry, etc), 3 kinds of nuts (pecans, peanuts, walnuts almonds), and 3 bananas (slice down the middle of each). Let everyone  choose their favorites (you can also make "double fun" by using 2 of everything)

Roasting Marshmallows - Roast marshmallows in your fireplace, or over the barbeque.

Homemade Popsicles - In the morning or day before, make juice and poor it in cups. Use popsicle stick (or spoons) and place them in the cup. freeze them (you might need to let a little hot water run on the outside of the cup to release them.

Dollar for a Treat - Give each child one dollar and go to the store and let them pick out whatever treat they want.

S'mores -  Melt a marshmallow and place it with a chocolate bar  between graham crackers . Do it quickly so the chocolate bar melts.

Temple Cookies - (great after doing a lesson on Temples) Roll out sugar cookie dough. Each person try and make the best temple shape they can. Use butter knives or whatever tools you think would work best. Bake as directed on recipe.

Candy Bar Board: (good for a Charity or Service lesson) Make a poster board with a thought on it which applies to your lesson. Use candy bars in place of the words, use them for the family night treat when you are done.

Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider - Perfect for a cold Family night

Carmel Apples - Put popsicle sticks in each apple, make sure the apples aren't too sweet. Sour ones work best. Slow cook Kraft caramels and dip the apples in. cover with nuts or chocolate chips if you like. Put on wax paper and let cool. Put  them in refrigerator to harden

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Clean the pumpkin seeds well. Fry them in butter and salt. Let cool a little bet. Eat

Orange Julius' - Put 1 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 can frozen orange juice concentrate (regular size can), ice cubes (as much as you like, around 2 cups is good) into a blender. Blend until ice is well crushed. We almost always had this with popcorn! Contributed by Christine Jensen

Cake Mix Cookies - Fast and fun Cookies in any flavor

EASY Carmel Apple Dip - This really tastes like caramel! 1 block cream cheese (softened), 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla.  Mix well and serve with apple wedges! - Caryn Stapp

Banana Shake -  First you get your blender put a whole banana in there in slices, then put ice as much as you like, put 4 teaspoons of sugar and pour milk in the blender until it covers the ice and banana or as much as you like to serve, blend it and serve, taste better than a milkshake! - Arnold Villatoro

THING-A-MAJIGS - Get 12 fig bars, 4 oz peanut butter, 6 ice cream sticks, six 5 oz paper cups, 9 to 12 oz choc pudding, 1 1/2 cup raspberry yogurt. Put two fig bars on each side of stick. spread with peanut butter, fill cup with 1/2 pudding, push stick in cup, add yogurt to top, freeze over night, split cup, peel , eat. - Judy near Seattle

Baked Apples -  Core the apple, put a little cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and water inside the hole in your apple. Bake until a little bit brown......... ENJOY!!!!! - Syd

Quick and Delicious Peanut Butter Cookies -  Ingredients: 1 cup of white sugar 1 cup of creamy peanut butter 1 egg Mix all together and bake at 350 degrees til' done. (About 8-10 minutes. Enjoy with a glass of milk. Can add a chocolate kiss to the middle before baking. (I like to bake mine in a mini muffin pan to make little peanut butter tarts.) - Ranee Hansen

Cookies with ice-cream in the Middle - Take two chocolate chip cookies (or any other cookies that you think would also taste good,) and put ice-cream in the middle. You can make as many cookies as you would like. - Coulette and Sharanne

Nacho Cheese Dip - Take any kind of salsa and sprinkle it with grated cheese on the top of the slasa. Cook it in the microwave for 60 seconds. - Brandi


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