No matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror, nothing can make you as beautiful as having the spirit.  - Unkown

Modesty is not a matter of being “hip.” It is a matter of the heart and being holy. It is not about being fashionable. It is about being faithful. It is not about being cool. It is about being chaste and keeping covenants. It is not about being popular, but about being pure. - Elaine S. Dalton (Submitted by Alexa)

Things that once might have been considered slovenly or totally inappropriate are now celebrated and even
modeled by those in the public eye, who often seem to revel in their capacity to shock and "push the envelope" of propriety" - President Samuelson

Please remember that you were released from your missions but not from the church.  You spent two years as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We expect you to always look and
act like one of His disciples.  Look the part. Act the part. Don't follow worldly trends and fashions. . .  The rules for happiness and success after your mission are pretty much the same as they were during your mission: pray hard, work hard, and be obedient. - Elder M. Russell Ballard

Do not underestimate the important symbolic and actual effect of appearance. Persons who are well groomed and modestly dressed invite the companionship of the Spirit of our Father in Heaven and are able to exercise a wholesome influence upon those around them. Persons who are unkempt and careless about their appearance, or adopt the visual symbols of those who often oppose our ideals, expose themselves and persons around them to influences that are degrading and dissonant. Outward appearance is often a reflection of inward tendencies - Harold B. Lee

This is the great day of decision for each of us. For many it is the time of beginning something that will go on for as long as you live. I plead with you: don't be a scrub! Rise to the high ground of spiritual, mental, and physical excellence. You can do it. You may not be a genius. You may be lacking in some skills. But so many of us can do better than we are now doing. We are members of this great Church whose
influence is now felt over the world. We are people with a present and with a future. Don't muff your opportunities. Be excellent. - President Hinckley