Ideas for making
Pop-up Books

Cards and Books


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pop-up story

There are so many ways to be creative with pop-ups, and whether you are making a special card or a fun book, friends and family will always be surprised!

Most of these designs will need an extra blank page or card behind it to hide the holes made when cutting out  the pop-up.

Pop-up Tab - This simple pop-up tab allows you to pop up anything on your card (and makes great legs too!)

Pop on Top - This pop-up comes out of the top of the page.

Pop-up Coil - A super easy pop-up coil, great for lots ideas but especially snakes!

Pop-up Square - This simple pop-up square can be used for a variety of things!

Pop-up Mouth - Make this pop-up mouth to put in your book or make a great card (also makes eyes)

Pop-up Spring - Use this to make your favorite parts of the card or book 3-D