LDS April Fools
Traditions and Ideas

Cereal Box Exchange - Change the cereal bags in the boxes before everyone gets up. - Carol Blair

Foil Sandwich - For a sack lunch, put a piece of aluminum in your child's sandwich. It won't hurt him/her, just give them a mouth of confusion. -  Kim W.

Oreo - Get some oreo cookies and take off the cookies and take the cream off of them. Now, spray some shaving cream on one of the cookies and put the other cookie on the shaving cream one. It'll give them a ""tasty"" treat. - Marie Johnson

Invisible Wall - Put plastic wrap across the door opening of the bedroom. when your children wake up they are shocked by this invisible barrier.

Meal Mix-up - In the morning call everyone for breakfast but serve them supper and for supper serve breakfast. - Tanya

All Kinds of Ideas! - My family goes crazy for April fools day. Here are just some of the things they do every year: 1. Staple Dad's ties together. 2. Safety Pin the bath towels onto the towel bar. 3. Rubber band the kitchen spray nozzle down, so it sprays whoever turns the faucet on. 4. Put a piece of clear tape on the top of the tooth brushes. 5. Empty all the shampoo/conditioner bottles, so they are all empty for morning showers. 6. Put thin layer of Vaseline on toilet seat. 7. Tape the toilet paper roll. - Debbie Macy

Foil - Covered my bosses entire office in aluminum foil; the pens, pencils, tape dispenser, stapler, even leftover change from buying lunch the day before was all wrapped in foil - Took pictures! - Robert Jordan

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