LDS Birthday
Traditions and Ideas

Birthday Wreath - On our birthdays in our family we have a birthday wreath that we put on the front door to let everyone know we are celebrating a birthday. It is made from a straw wreath. Then you take balloons fold in half over the ""u"" shaped florist picks and stick it into the wreath. You can make it as full looking as you want by the amount of balloons you stick on. (I used about 600 balloons in fun colors-its full enough to not see the straw part of the wreath) Then use cake picks that say Happy Birthday and curly ribbon to add to it. Heather Loverde

Favorite Restaurant - I like to have my children go to their favorite restaurant of their choice. - Birdie McBryan

Decorate Before Waking - My children are 8 and 10.Every year they look forward to waking up to balloons, confetti and banners in the living room the morning of their birthday. Just having the decorations up all day, in their honor, makes them smile. Then we open presents and they get to pick the restaurant of their choice. - Laura  Sebren

Birthday Date - For our kids birthdays we have a special birthday ""date"" with mom and dad. We take them out to dinner to the restaurant of their choice. It is a good way to celebrate with them, and have some one on one time. Then when we get home we have cake and presents with the whole family. - Michelle Simmons

Birthday Frame -Every year on my son's birthday I make a picture frame using the wrapping paper his gifts came in. I buy a 5x7 wood picture frame from a craft store and make a collage using the pieces of the wrapping paper on the matt frame that comes inside the frame. When the frame is finished I put a photograph of my son from his birthday party. I hang the picture on the wall and have a memory of each birthday. I am able to see how he is growing and changing each year. The wrapping paper also shows what movies, shows, characters were popular in a given year. - Dawn Hearn

Birthday Dinner - Let the birthday boy/girl pick either their favorite meal that can be made, or their favorite restaurant that they can go to for their birthday.

Special Plate -  It is fun to have a "special" plate (or a birthday crown) for the birthday person to use at meals,  that is used only for birthdays. You can make a plate or buy a fun one at the store.

No Chores - Let the birthday child have no chores on their birthday.

Letters to Remember - Write a special letter to your child each birthday. Keep them in a special place.

Inviting - Let the kids invite as many friends as how old they are. If they turn 7, they can invite 7 friends.

A Gift of Freedom - Give a gift of freedom. this works great with teenagers. You can give "no bedtime", "more car time", "one month of a later curfew", "no dishes for two weeks", etc.

King For a Day - While growing up we were made King for a Day, which entitled us to decide what we would eat, what we would do, and make us void of any tasks ie: cleaning, chores, etc. And the honor of being King or Queen for the day. -  Clark Saxey

Pick a Cake - Each year each of our children get to pick out what they want their birthday cake to look like, (rocket ship, cartoon character, favorite animal, etc.) They spend months in advance trying to decide! -  Kari Pollock

Hide the Presents - I let my children's party guests hide the presents while the birthday child is out of the room. Then he/she has the fun of finding all the presents as well as unwrapping them. - Kristi Kramer

Breakfast in Bed - Every person's birthday is started out with a special breakfast in bed and they are awakened by the whole family singing happy birthday to them. The children know this and start hinting about their favorite breakfast a few days before!

Birthday Schedule - Having big birthday parties each year was becoming expensive and a lot of work. So, we developed a schedule that works for us. Our kids have parties on their 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th Birthdays. On the other birthdays (once they are old enough) they are allowed to have 1 or 2 friends over depending on their age.  -Cindy Wilkinson

Hide and Sing! - On your child's birthday hide all their presents and sing their favorite song . When they are close sing loud. When they are far sing soft. This makes getting presents fun!!!! - Danica Greenall

Candle Wish - We generally have an extended family birthday party the night of someone's birthday, but we found that we still wanted something within just our immediate family that made each birthday a little more personal and meaningful. At dinner we pass out a birthday candle to each member of the family. Before we eat, we pass around a small dessert. Each person takes a turn putting in their candle and telling the birthday girl/boy something they love about them, something about them they're thankful for, or something they wish for them. Then they pass the dessert to the next person and that person says something and adds their candle. It continues until everyone has added their candle. Then we light the candles and sing Happy Birthday. It really makes the birthday special. - Catherine Knowles

Birth Day Stories -  The birthday child gets to stay up a little later after the other children have gone to bed and Mommy and Daddy tell him/her about the day they were born, and how their parents felt when that special child joined their family. We also look through our scrapbook/photo album and talk about how they've grown up from last year. - Shayla Heath

Birthday Balloons - On each child's birthday (or the day we have the party) the child wakes up to a Mylar birthday balloon tied to his/her bed. As the children are little it's fun to hear the siblings say, ""It's John's birthday"" as they see the balloon. My sister puts one latex balloon for each year they are old. - Wendy Combs


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