LDS Easter

Traditions and Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt for Adults Too! - y mother goes all out for Easter. (Maybe one or some of these ideas could be fun for your family). She does have a small Easter egg hunt for the kids, but then the real fun begins. She has a hunt for the adults. There are many different eggs, some with candy some with change and one with a substantial amount of money (that's how she gets the men to participate.) there is one special egg that everyone knows. The finder of that egg gets the family stuffed bunny to keep at there house throughout the year. Then there are numbered eggs. Each person only gets one numbered egg. Once the hunt is over, everyone congregates on the porch where small paper bags with numbers are located. Everyone gets the bag with their corresponding number on it. Then we do the gift trade, where you can take someone else's prize. - Kim Foster

Testimony Sharing -  great tradition every Easter is to take the time to bear your testimony about the Atonement and the Resurrection to your other family members.

New Dress - Whether store bought or made, we always received a new dress for Easter.

'Twas the Day Before Easter -  Here is a cute story to hand out to friends at Easter time by Tammy Fuller

Easter Child Tradition - Every year our family chooses a new Easter Child. The Easter Bunny hides all the eggs and treasures. Before all the kids dig into their stash, the Easter Child is determined in this manner: an envelope holding the description of the special "Egg" (determined prior to hiding them) is opened. For instance, " the egg with the green sparkles." Whoever found that particular egg becomes the Easter Child for the year. That child receives a special gift, usually a gift certificate to the bookstore. He or She may be given special assignment for the year. The outgoing Easter Child is always given recognition and a special treat! -  Caryn Stapp

Learning about the life of Christ - The Saturday before Easter is all about fun for us, but Easter Sunday is much more.  Sunday we have a Easter egg hunt--this one a little different. We hide plastic eggs; inside each egg is a piece of paper that simply identifies an event in Christ's life. Once all the eggs are found we gather as a family and open our eggs, trying to match the events on the papers with corresponding pictures from the Gospel Art Kit. We then line up the pictures in chronological order and discuss each one. We let the children direct most of the discussion and we add little tidbits here and there. It is wonderful to see just how much our children know about the life of Christ and to hear their simple, but pure testimonies. It is a nice bled of a fun activity and the Spirit; our children love it and so do we! - Cassandra Spaeth

Easter Walk - Go on a walk in your neighborhood and do a ""nature"" hunt. When you get home you can sit with the kids and go through the significance of each item. Find the following: 1. A branch - The week before His crucifixion, as Christ entered the city, the people waved branches from palm trees. 2. A piece of wood - for it was out of wood His cross was made. 3. Something prickly - His crown was made of thorns. 4. Something no longer alive - For truly, the Savior did die. 5. Find three things that are dark in color - Three days of darkness, light could not be found following His death. 6. A stone - it was a huge stone at the opening of the grave that the angel removed. 7. Something living - to remind us that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected and He surely lives today. -  Kim W.

Special Presents - Every year my parents give my sister and I both one Easter Day dress, one DVD and a whole lot of candy.

Easter Visit - Every year, rather than having the Easter Bunny visit (now that we are all older) The night before Easter, our family fills plastic Easter eggs with tiny monster trucks, candy, etc. We then hide them in the missionaries' yard with a basket on the step and a letter saying that the Easter Bunny had visited and has left eggs in the grass. It really is a make you feel good experience. We all love it! - Carrie Waite


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