LDS Halloween

Traditions and Ideas

Halloween Gratitude - Every Halloween, when my kids go trick-or-treating, at each house where they don't say "Thanks you" the candy goes into MY trick-or-treat bag! -  Rachelle Anderson)

The Halloween Fairy - After Halloween is over and all the candy is collected, I have my kids pick out the candy they really want and the rest goes to the ""Halloween fairy."" She exchanges all that extra candy for a gift that they really would like/want. They don't mind giving up their candy because of what they will get in return and I don't have to watch my kids eat all that candy! - Laura Headley

Donuts and Cider - My husband, Curtis introduced us to these easy donuts. Just use any Pillsbury rolls. Make a good size hole in each role. Deep fry. Cover donuts with sugar and cinnamon mixture. YUMMY! We like doing thing simply so we always just warm up bottled apple juice and add cinnamon sticks. -  Caryn Stapp

Bring-a-Treat - When we were growing up, we went ""treating"" each Halloween. Instead of expecting treats we took a plate of treats to neighbors and friends.

Phantom Exchange - Print out 2 of these: Either Letter 1 or Letter 2 and Picture (staple or paper clip picture to either letter) and leave it on two people's/families' doorstep, with a treat.  - Kathy in Joplin, MO

Bring-a-Treat (Part 2) - Very similar to bring a treat idea except we go caroling and sing Halloween songs when we deliver the treat and we usually do it the Monday before Halloween as part of FHE (We would still where our costumes though). - Kelly Webster

Fill-It-up - For Halloween we have our son set out a Halloween bag and then we fill it up with things he can have or use, we do this instead of trick or treating because he can't have candy. This way he gets to have what other children are doing and he's not left out  - Lori Keel

Witches Night Out - Every year for Halloween all of the girl cousins, aunts, grandmas,sisters,etc. get together at one of our homes for witches night out. We all look forward to seeing the different dressed up witches. W look different every year. We play spooky games, eat dinner, etc. - Shelley


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