Independence Day

  Traditions and Ideas

Water Fights - Sometimes water fights are fun spontaneously. But planned ones are fun as well. Get lots of water balloons, hoses, break into two teams if you want. Make a safe zone (where no one can get someone wet).

Flag Breakfast - On Independence Day we put the flag out in the front yard first thing in the morning and then we eat breakfast under it.

Block Party Breakfast - Borrow or rent a camping grill. Hand out invites, Be in charge of pancakes (they are cheep and easy with Krustees brand mix), and have everyone bring their own meet to cook. (ask a neighbor to bring a fruit bowl).

A Water Party - Purchase or borrow what is necessary, a pool, slip n' slide, sprinklers, etc. Invite the neighborhood families, or friends. Have Chairs set up for the adults.

Saw Dust Treasures - Make a huge pile of Saw Dust (package peanut, or balloons work indoors). Put a bunch of candy and small toys in the pile. Let the kids search for them.

Neighborhood Parades - Instead of fighting the crowds and traffic on July 4th to see the parade, our neighborhood holds its own children's parade. Bicycles and trikes become the floats and the children love to throw candy to the adults and then later come and collect it back from them. -  Ryan Gunther

Family Barbeque - Every year there is an open invitation for our entire family (extended family-in-laws are also invited) to go to my Dad's house for a barbeque. Every family brings something to share with everyone, i.e. salad, baked beans, dessert, etc. My dad cooks hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. It is something I look forward to every year. - Rachel Petersen

The Lake - Every year my family and i walk to the Clovis lake and watch ""SMOKE ON WATER" around 9:00P.M. - Cassandra Curry

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