LDS Memorial Day
 Traditions and IDeas

Splash Fact
Memorial Day's birthplace was
Waterloo, New York
around 1866

Although Memorial Day is usually meant to honor Americans who gave their life in war, we can take the time to honor our own ancestors.

Visit Grave Sites - My brother and sister-in-law spend Memorial day morning making flower arrangements, then they go out as a family and deliver them to gravesites of there loved ones and ancestors.

Family History - Memorial Day is a great day to spend reading your family history and learning about your ancestors, especially those who died in the line of battle. Pick an ancestor you know little about and learn about that person. 

Temple Trip - In memory of, and to honor those who have gone ahead, plan a trip to the temple around Memorial Day and do as many sessions as you can. - Carolee Stout

Family Visit and Dinner - My family has a tradition of all meeting at the cemetery every memorial day, about ten to fifteen of us all with flowers. I am the family historian so I read a short biography and have a picture of each person, in a plastic sleeve, that I lay on each grave so that, especially, the grandchildren can really see and feel that that these were real people. I have some four and five generation pictures to show relationships and send each home with a genealogy packet. We then all go out to dinner and it really turns out to be an enjoyable day that we all look forward to. - Judy Bresch

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