LDS Mother's Day
Traditions and Ideas


Relax - I make my man do the work and I just rest -  Lisa Killough

Mother's Day Letter - I have 5 children and I love being a mother, so about 6 years ago I decided every Mother's Day I would write each of my children a card and express how much I love being their mother and I also give each child individual praise and comments as to why. This has made my Mothers Day so much more meaningful and I know my children will appreciate these letters all of their life! - Charise Whitney

A Song for Mom - We always go to my mother's for Mother's Day and as we were all gathered around last year, my sister started singing "I Often Go Walking" and we all joined in.

Make Dirt - One year we were stuck without a mothers day gift so ate Saturday night we went to the grocery store and bought her a flowers and the fixin's for some delicious "dirt" to go inside with a flower. Now me and my sisters get together late every Mother's Day "Eve" and make the "dirt" but instead of regular flowers we put in paper flowers on straws with pictures of our kids, so now it is "Grandmother's dirt" (see the recipe). - Kim Foster

Let the Men do the Work - We have always gone and had mother's day at my mom's house, and everyone brought something for dinner, but this year the men organized the dinner. So nice for the moms and other women!

Conference Call - My children live all over the country, and I usually get a call from each on Mother's Day. One Mother's Day I heard from no one, and I wondered what was wrong. Around 8pm that day, I got a phone call and all eight children were on the line (conference call) and they sang ""I Often Go Walking"" to me and expressed their love. It was the most touching and meaningful Mother's Day gift I have ever received

A Gift of Hope to Your Child - In the front of my son's scrap book I have the poem: "Before you were conceived I wanted you, before you were born I loved you, before you were an hour old I would die for you this is the miracle of life. My tradition for mothers day is to get my son a gift.  This is my first Mothers Day and he will be getting a silver bank.... instead of filling it with money he will get silver disks, with my hopes for him engraved on them - this is something I can add to whenever an occasion arises.... I wanted him before he was conceived, I loved him before he was born and I would die for him no he is here - Why should he thank me for being his Mum it was my choice .. I already have the greatest gift in the world... my son! and I love being his Mummy!!!!!! I hope he will be inspired by my hopes for him and they will give him the confidences to follow his dreams. - Laura Galorneau

Memory Book -  Every year, the children hand write their favorite poem or write a story and illustrate it. I write the little ones favorite primary song down and they draw me a picture to go with it. I have a separate photo album that I keep everything in. The different years are divided by pretty paper. It's a treasure to look at and reminisce. - Linda

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