Other Days and Events

Sleep in/Breakfast in Bed - Every year, starting when we were poor (married )college students and had our first son- we started making breakfast in bed for each other on Mother's or Father's days (and birthdays too.) Eleven years later- the tradition is going strong- except now our four sons do it for us. It has turned into such a wonderful inexpensive tradition. I am always surprised by the thoughtfulness and time. The honored person also has the option to sleep in too! (Which, is a HUGE blessing- when a baby is in the family!) - Laura B

Anniversary Party - Every year on our wedding anniversary we celebrate ""family birthday"" all day. We talk about how our family was ""born"" on that day when mom and dad were sealed in the temple. The kids look forward to it like any other holiday. We have a birthday party with a nice dinner and cake, and for several years have gone bowling in the morning, so it is now part of the tradition. It is a great way to build family unity, talk about being together forever and tell about our wedding in the temple. - Valerie Christensen

Baptisms - For our children on the day of their baptism they received a new set of scriptures with a letter in it from us. -  Carol Blair

Bowling - When our family Went bowling, my father would always sing THIS song by Raffi -  Christine Jensen

Special Dinner Set - Our family purchased a red dinner setting for ""red letter days"" at our house. Birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, promotions, etc are examples of special occasions that warranted eating dinner on the coveted red plate!

The Last Gift! - Every holiday where gifts are involved, we have a "Last gift" right before bed. On anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, etc. we save a gift and give it right before bed. This makes the holiday last much longer and is always fun, especially on birthdays, because the kids always know, even when the party is over, that there is one more. We have run into the occasional problem where we forgot the last gift and had to run out and buy something, but it is something we always look forward to. - Cindy Jensen

Sick Box - When someone is sick, we have a "sick box". The items in the box are only used when you're sick. There's a special afghan that was made by my great grandma, a box of extra-soft tissues, and a special glass. I bought a plastic tumbler, with big blue and yellow dots on it. (I wanted something that stood out, so a well person would not accidentally use the 'sick glass') I also include a paper lunch sack, markers, stickers, etc. The sick person can decorate the bag and use it to put in all of their used tissues. - Linda V.

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